The Academic Definition and Positive Meaning of Discipline

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Discipline is a noun that is defined by the practice of training people to obey rules and orders and punishing them if they do not; the controlled behavior or situation that results from training (Oxford English Dictionary). To me discipline refers to the person‘s philosophy of life, ideas, and beliefs In essence, controlling oneself to do what needs to be done first before engaging in other things that one would like to do. The word had variety of meanings during the previous 600 years, educationally, military, and medicinally perspectives. The newest form of the word discipline have more negativity in it, because it’s linked with the word punishment; the outcome of breaking a law. Being addressed with the word discipline may affect people positively or negatively, depending on their experience with the word.

IL order to form a new understanding and positive thought toward the word discipline that may provide a source of inner powerJeople should get rid of the negative feelings they relate to the word discipline and believe in the positive outcome of having discipline as a way of living. While the academic definition of the word discipline may mean that it is a process where a person is under a pressure environment that persuade him to get used to a certain behavior or action.

It’s could also mean punishing people every time they break a rule, until they get used to the behavior. A child’s life reflects a good example of this kind of definition. Where the child’s parents teaches him to eat mannerly on a table. and every time the child start missing with his food. he will be put in a time out as a punishment. Between the year 1489 – 1848 the word discipline had a variety of meanings. In the old English language, it used to be written ‘disciplyne’ and it used to mean a branch of education, typically a higher studied education. From a military perspective, it used to mean a course of training, mostly in the practice of arms and military evolutions.

While in the religious use, when someone says that guy need discipline, it means that he needs a beating or other infliction -Humorous|y- assumed to be salutary to the recipient. Other meaning of the word discipline is a whip or scourge, as in saying The Whipsters laid aside their disciplines. In addition. it used to refer to a treatment for some special purpose, as in saying he has been under discipline for his eyes (Oxford English Dictionary). In order to establish the positive meaning for the word discipline, people should believe that sacrificing their free time to do important things, may reap out many rewards in the future, results in achieving one’s goals.

Discipline carries lot of different feelings that cannot be contained on papers. It may be translated to happiness, respect, organization, deterrent, or a source of enthusiasm. Unfortunately. from my own experience the word discipline is losing the positive meanings and being limited under the feelings of fear, memories of punishments, and constraining one’s freedom‘To me the word discipline carries many deep meanings, one of them refers to the result of parenting l have much gratitude toward my parents, because they are the ones who raised and educated me. In return to their favor my dream in life became keeping their heads high, by studying hard and maintaining a good reputation.

Since I believe the disciplinary attitude reflects an idea of how well-parented a person is, and it increases my parent’s reputation, each time someone says to me either you have discipline or you do not. my thoughts go back to my dream, if am I still succeeding in honoring my parent or am | losing my gratitude. Discipline is an important unwritten rule that prevents people from making bad decisions in life. It is the main pillar that supports everyone to continue working toward his or her dream. Throughout the history, scientists who have created noteworthy inventions or discoveries, such as Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein, had engaged themselves in along grueling process of trial and error without giving up to achieve their accomplishments, because they reached a peak in discipline, they controlled their fun habits and behaviors and focused on one certain goal.

The word discipline is vital word that cannot be removed from the language. Losing the word discipline would be losing the most important unwritten rule that has inflicted the world positively because there will be no longer an inner deterrent that prevents people from falling into life temptation. Thus keeping this word. may help in maintaining the balance between working to improve the world and self-entertaining. Discipline has many different effects on people depending on the way its related to their life. When a typical person is addressed with the term discipline. it’s usually taken as a compliment and makes the person feel happy and proud of himself,( because it refers to the good manners he is reflecting).

However, people who suffered bad parenting may feel some fear from hearing the word discipline, because they remember a physical punishment — as an image of the person’s father with a belt in his hand — they used to receive every time they shows a lack of discipline. 0n the other hand, when an undisciplined teenager is told that he or she has no discipline, it might reflect a feeling of happiness because they think having no control and (deterrent) over their behaviors is tantamount to having absolute freedom and privilege as an adult. The punishment part of the word discipline should definitely be changed. Discipline should not be related to punishment because this relationship between the two words may be the reason that generates feelings of fear toward the word.

Discipline should be a believe, where people have the full understanding that getting used to a certain behavior will benefit them, not because of being forced by punishments. This change may result in more positive feelings toward hearing or listening to this word. Hearing the word discipline, encourage an enthusiastic feeling toward achieving my dreams I once had a goal to study medicine and become a doctor, but I could not reach it. It took me through deep depression to continue studying. My mom told me ” You won‘t stop at this point, think about your way of discipline to achieve your dreams.“

After hearing those words I decided to continue by studying mechanical engineering and get an EDD degree to be called a doctor! Discipline is a continuous battle between desires and feelings, doing the right and important things, and doing the fun and easy things. In order to nourish the word discipline with positive feelings, people should believe that for every effort of discipline they make, there is a multiple reward they gain‘ If this believe is accomplished, the word discipline will always be the source of power that moves their compass arrow to lead their way and will help pick their choices in life.

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