Science Fiction is a Literature of Hope and Possibilities

  • Updated July 27, 2023
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Science fiction is a literature of hope and possibilities where we can develop our self in both positive and negative ways. According to four science fiction story, it will be shown different big possibilities of advanced technology which will impact in our natural style and what will be a possible outcome if we can achieve those millstones which are described on those short stories.

What will be in the distant future! According to the SF story of “Swarm” we can get some idea about our aggressive desire to gain power and rule over the people which will exceed to the next level like an alien creature. In this story, the author provokes to think the reader not only the fascinating environment of Asteroid but also the moral excellence of the human creature. Doctor Simon Afriel, the captain of the ship was genetically modified to survive in the Asteroid as well as Swarm also the modified creature of the symbiotic queen. In this sense, the author shows us the revolution of future genetics. It one sense quite exciting. However, it was alarming when it comes to human cloning. Another point also mentions in this story where Swarm, intelligent symbiotic laid by the symbiotic queen, was degenerated over the generation and finally disappear the intelligent Swarm because intelligent creatures were a threat for their mortality. There are lots of points where the author tries to alert his reader about the bad impact of technology. For Example, “Technology has unleashed tremendous forces that are ripping society apart” (Starling Page 281)

Herbie, a liar, was a production of human brain who can read the mind. According to the short story of Liar, there was a positive site which was creating an artificial mind reader which can open a new window of science. However, the three law of robotics conflict with the AI operating system which was shown in the last part of the story where Herbie shutdown by himself. The author creates lots of question in the reader mind by that scene. Is there any limitation of those three laws? If those laws are valid then why Herbie shout down? Or Herbie can be restarting again? The negative site of AI also shown in this story. For example, if AI can read the mind, they can manipulate our future by giving false information which was presented by Herbie when he was asked about Lanning retirement. Last of all, Artificial mind reader cannot be a trusted source of information if it follows the three law of robotics.

Artificial intelligence can be devastating for humankind. According to the short story of “Second Variety” Phillip k. Dick shows devastating feature of AI in term of claws (a robot who can repair and reproduce by themselves without observation of human). Claw was built by U.N scientist to fight against Soviet. In this point, Zeroth law of robotics was not followed which makes the threats of humankind. If we consider the plot of Second variety, we can say that man-made their own destiny and it was made by U. N scientist where the law of robotic was violated and as a result AI was eliminating the humankind. The positive side of this theme is that it is possible to build an automated self-organized robot which can be used to serve a human kind and where we don’t need to worry about its maintenance. On the other hand, losing control from AI can create a major threat to humankind. There is also a huge question mark on Tasso and Major Hendricks. According to this story, there would three possible villain character such UN scientist who build the claws, Major Hendricks who give the code of Moon base and Tasso, the true II-V—models, who’re going to destroy the last hope of humankind. Last of all the author gives an important message through his writing is that if humankind can not stop fight among themselves they will be eliminated by their own weapon.

Human always tries to gain supernatural power and always fascinated by it. Considering the short story of Desertion, we can find similar characteristic in Kent Fowler and his dog Towser. When they converted to looper they were not only able to use their 100% brain but also, they can communicate through telepathy. In the plot of invention and modification, there was a huge question mark when it comes to transforming looper to normal human life. Transformation to looper has both positive and negative side of humankind. In the distant future we can improve our capabilities through genetic modification and if we are able to use 100% of the brain we can be able to gain supernatural power. However, we can lose our own human nature if we are able to transform into Looper. At the end of the story the author put an open ending to the reader where we are still thinking of Kent Fowler and Towser transformation from looper to normal life.

In conclusion, it can be said that technology gives us both choices to use it either it can be used in a positive way or in a negative way. In this essay, both ways are represented through the original story plot and show some possible outcomes through the example of the story characters. Our future will depend on our present action and we have to consider the negative impact of technology before we start searching for the new development of technology.


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