Reengineering Of Health Care

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Healthcare reengineering is an important process that helps healthcare organizations in enhancing their effectiveness, increasing value to consumers of healthcare, as well as helping healthcare organizations in providing more cost-effective care (Hoffman & Emanuel, 2013). This makes it an important aspect in healthcare where nurse managers and nurse leaders play a key role in this process. Nurses play an important role in the achievement of healthcare goals by providing healthcare services to patients in different departments in healthcare facilities (Hoffman & Emanuel, 2013).

The roles of nurses have continuously changed in the aim of providing opportunities to the nurses to perform according to their full educational training. This enables nurses to participate in important processes such as the decision-making process where they are able to provide important information to healthcare stakeholders and policy-makers (Hoffman & Emanuel, 2013). Since nurses perform most of the health functions, they are able to develop effective cost-effective strategies that will help in reducing healthcare costs.

This will lead to an increased number of patients that are able to access healthcare improving the health status of all individuals in the nation. Nurse leaders can contribute to the reengineering process by empowering other healthcare workers in healthcare facilities which is an aspect that should not be neglected (Huber, 2017). An empowered workforce will improve the efficiency of healthcare functions leading to improved healthcare delivery. Due to the positions held by nurse managers in healthcare organizations, nurse managers can participate in the restructuring of healthcare systems where some of the weak areas are addressed to prevent a negative effect on the improved healthcare delivery (Huber, 2017).

Since nurse managers are responsible for administration functions, they can contribute to the reengineering of healthcare by effectively allocating adequate resources in a healthcare facility as well as support other nurses by providing them with opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills that can be helpful in the application of evidence-based research (Huber, 2017).


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