Reasons to why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Updated May 19, 2021

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Reasons to why Animal Testing Should Be Banned essay

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There was a video from PeTA which I watched yesterday. It was about how a courageous lady stepped in and had a undercover investigation on a laboratory name ‘Professional Laboratory and Research Service’. It showed the cruelty of scientists doing their experiments on Dogs and other animals. We should all come together and ban Animal Testing.

Animal Testing should be outlawed in every country with the help of the United Nations. It is an inhumane method. Those animals in laboratory are subjected to forced feeding, inhalation, water and given burns and are made sick so that they get the disease and then the medicine and formulas can be tried on them. With many products we use in our day to day life they are first tried on these innocent animals that face these diseases, ill-effects and mental and physical torture before us. The Draize Eye test done on rabbits involve their eyelids being opened by a clip and kept open for days so that they cannot blink while its inserted on their eyes. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) reported 71,360 animals suffered pains while no anesthesia was given to them.

Firstly, Animal Testing should be outlawed as there as many alternative options available rather than animals. Like the cell structure studying in a petri dish which produces results more efficiently and effectively as human cells can be used for it. Other alternative is Microdosing, the dose is too small to give adverse effects on human. With science improved a lot even artificial skin can be used for tests. Another example is Microfluidic chips which are inserted in a human body and recreate the functions of human organs.

Secondly, Animal Testing should be outlawed as there are Drugs that passes animal tests but are not safe for humans. For example: In 1950 sleeping pill caused 10,000 babies born with severe deformities. It was tested on animals prior its release and on pregnant mice,rats and hamsters but when given high dose gave negative results. Animals are different from human and can cause many other problems in future and then one medicine cannot be blamed as every drug has been tested on animals in different conditions. Other example is Vioxx for arthritics which caused over 27,000 heart attacks and many cardiac deaths as it was successful when tried on mice but gave dangerous effects on human.

Finally, Animal testing should be outlawed because animal testing may mislead researchers into ignoring cures and treatment. For example Aspirin is helpful for human but dangerous for humans. A report on Slate.com stated that a ‘source of human suffering may be the dozens of promising drugs that get shelved when they cause problems in animals that may not be relevant for humans.’

In conclusion, animal testing has many negative effects for humans and by humans. While it also violates human rights the torture it gives to these animals is not justified. Humans must not use these innocent animals for their own benefit. They have same rights and dignity like a Human has. And one must not forget Animals are Human Too.

Reasons to why Animal Testing Should Be Banned essay

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