Racial Profiling: Solutions

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Over the past years, Racial profiling has become a noticeable issue. Racial discrimination and inequality are some issues emerging from racial profiling because police often judge victims by their race, religion and ethnicity. Now a days many people are being targeted by racial profiling just because a particular person from a particular race does something wrong, everyone from that race is being discriminated by other. Due to the action of just one individual, and from that individual affects the whole race behind it. In this essay law enforcement, government and the population take some measures to solve the problem.

Law enforcement officers have the responsibility to reduce the crimes and to protect the people. Law enforcement can take some steps to conduct investigations without racially profiling suspects. First, police should investigate the incidents instead of profiling an individual as a culprit by judging their past experiences. Profiling an individual without any evidence is illegal and a false assumption, which might result in loosing the real culprit. Second, law enforcement training should be given to the officers so that they can identify the culprit by their suspicious behaviour for doing something wrong which can harm the public. According to the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education Fund.

Racial Profiling Against Muslims to Prevent Terrorism Is Ineffective and Discriminatory,-“The memorandum, entitled “Assessing Behaviour”, emphasized that focusing on the racial characteristics of individuals was a waste of law enforcement resources and might cause law enforcement officials to ignore suspicious behaviour, past or present, by someone who did not fit a racial profile” (78).

This shows that law enforcement should be trained for identifying the suspicious behaviour instead of focusing on the characteristic of individual which might result in finding the real culprit. Finally, law enforcement should give equal protection to everyone because to prevent terrorist activity, law enforcement may not target members of any particular race or religion as victim based on a false assumption that members of that race or religion are more likely than other members to be involved in this activity. Thus, helps in reducing the phenomenon of racial profiling.

Government should also offer some solutions to discourage racial profiling. First, there must be high penalties for those who violate the law, so that it brings fear among other criminals before committing a crime. Second, organisations such as Education system and Private security companies should acknowledge racial profiling for public safety, security and protection to prevent the phenomenon of racial profiling. However, racial profiling became a systematic process in nature.

Population plays a very important role in reducing racial profiling in their daily lives. Solutions for the population to avoid racial profiling. First, humanity is a main point to reduce racial profiling because it will help in showing love, sympathy and build up strong relationships among each other to live happy and peaceful life. Second, People should change their attitude towards each other as negative attitude will not make people feel comfortable in living their lives and should not judge on basis of race, religion and ethnicity. People should understand each other views by organizing society festivals and encourage them to participate in different kind of activities which reflects the values of different cultures which brings communities together as a whole. At the end, it will result in no discrimination and promotes dignity of all. Third, social media and technologies are used as a tool in spreading awareness among the people by posting videos on social sites (You-tube, Twitter), advertisement to build up the community trust. Moreover, it helps in eliminating racial profiling.

In conclusion, after summarizing the main points law enforcement, government and entire population it is seen that racial profiling is a problematic practise. We are all unique and that is what makes everyone different and special so it is wrong to judge a culprit by their behavior and past experiences. However, there must be strong rules and laws to end racial profiling otherwise it will never end.

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