Racial Profiling in America

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The concern with racial profiling has multiple results between the various minorities that are profiled. African-Americans has been one America’s top affected groups. Recently, police have resulted to unnecessary brutal attacks towards the African-American community. These unwarranted attacks have led African-Americans to protest both peacefully and angrily. Muslims and Arabs have also been specifically targeted with racial profiling as well. They have been segregated while being constantly watched to ensure they do no harm to the people around us.

Ever since September 11, 2001, Americans have judged and racially profiled against Muslims and Arabs. Most people from other countries travel to America because they want to live the American dream and be free. Nowadays, this is freedom is unachievable for Muslims and Arabs because of their background. They are automatically racially profiled and the assumption of them being dangerous and wanting to kill Americans is the first thought they people think. Everyone is human and no one should be judged because simply based off a bad experience. For example, you might have a had a bad relationship with a male or female but that doesn’t mean all men or female are like that one person.

Racial profiling oversteps and completely disregards the foundation of America’s principles. Nowadays, most people tend to believe that minority Americans are “not full Americans” because of their differences in backgrounds. There are an overwhelming amount of people who racially profiles minorities to the point of psychological harm. Neither side understands the other which leads to people of color being afraid when stopped by the police on what is going to happen even if they listen and do everything the police officer ask them to do. It’s important that not only police officers, but civilians know the significance of racial profiling and the damages it causes. We shouldn’t make assumptions about any group of individuals and mark them as criminals based on their race or their clothing.

In conclusion, racial profiling is legally, morally, and ethically wrong. American law enforcements should strive to enhance their methods and improvement towards the illegal activities happening without having to lead with racial profiling. As a result, it becomes more difficult for the police to work with the community because the trust has been broken. People travel to America for the equal rights that we are entitled to despite our race, color, or nationality. However, with the increase of racial profiling, all people believe is that if you are a minority of any descendent you will become a target even if you have committed no crime. No one should be judged as a threat just because they are different. I would encourage our government to develop stronger laws and policies to help guide our law enforcers on how to deal with potential suspects.


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