Racial Poverty and Its Impact on Different Races

Updated August 1, 2022

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Racial Poverty and Its Impact on Different Races essay

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Let’s talk about racial poverty. How does racial poverty impact different races? Who’re the people who are mostly living in poverty? But first what exactly is poverty.Poverty is a situation in which people suffer immense hardships in meeting their basic needs. There are two types of poverty, and it is absolute and relative. Absolute poverty is when you don’t have anything. You don’t have food, housing and other things that you need; relative poverty is way different from that. Relative poverty is when you compare yourself to other people, instead of living in poverty you have everything you need except what you crave. Usually, people would say African Americans, Mexicans, and others in the United States was the one was living in poverty but really anybody could be living in poverty and nobody would bat an eye. It doesn’t matter that you a man or woman it’s how the US is. It’s even hard to find a job in this economy for anybody. Everyday (not really) jobs are letting people go, and people have a hard time a finding new job.

Let’s not forget about the men and women who are being discharged from the military and don’t have any money or place to live, so they live on the street. It really has places that don’t have enough food or even running water to bathe in or drink. They don’t even have a place to live. They usually make something out of things that they could find. For example, Ghana is slowly but surely increasing in wealth but why is it the only place shown on TV. It has more places that are much poorer than Ghana and one of them in Malawi. As I read on the answerafrica.com the website, Malawi was the poorest place to lived. Malawi average household $596 and compared to Ghana that is 1707.7. Why would they show a growing place than a really poor place who actually need help? The chart below can show you how much a big gap it is between the poorest country in Africa to the “poorest country in Africa that is shown on TV. I also added two more to see how big the gap is. Ethnic groups consists of people who share the same background.

People have been placed in ethnic groups by how they look instead of their own backgrounds. The groups names that are U.S. official racial categories are American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian, Black/African American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and White/Caucasian. Hispanic was created in the 1970s. When people that don’t look alike it usually starts that one thing that people hate, the name is racism. Racism is a set of beliefs that are used against someone to say that they are above the other person. Racism is set up by(as told on 43rd slide of Chapter 8) three structured notions: People can be placed into categories by their physical traits. By the physical traits that can be connected to more traits. Physical traits are so significant that it can determine the behavior of inequalities. It doesn’t mean if you are black, white, mexican, latino or latina, or whatever people will still be racist towards you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Racial Poverty and Its Impact on Different Races essay

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Racial Poverty and Its Impact on Different Races. (2022, Aug 01). Retrieved from https://samploon.com/racial-poverty-and-its-impact-on-different-races/

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