Pros and Cons of a Universal Health Care System

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The cost of healthcare has always been a sore spot for people. Bringing the cost down and increasing the access to care by creating a universal healthcare system (a system that provides health care and financial protection to all citizens) may be beneficial. However, some people believe the care wouldn’t be as good and it would cost too much. There’s many pros and cons of a universal healthcare system.

A universal healthcare system would have numerous benefits. Regardless of a person’s gender, race, social status, or religion, everyone deserves to be healthy. People born into a poor neighborhood may not have the ability to pay for medicine and/or serious injuries, while people born in the suburbs, with more wealthy families grow up having more than what they need to live a healthy life. Some people live their whole life without the privilege of seeing a dentist. Others get braces because of one slightly crooked tooth, while in the meantime there are children all over the world who have not once seen a medical professional. Families die from the simple influenza. Many people miss out on work daily due to sickness.

If this could be avoided by creating free healthcare for all, including those who can’t afford it, fewer jobs would be lost due to calling in sick. The life of a business owner would go much more smoothly and simply because they wouldn’t have to provide insurance for their employees. Medical bankruptcy would be eliminated. Nobody would have to rob a bank to pay medical bills and survive. Our economy would become better.

The public’s health overall would improve. Fewer germs being spread on door handles could even make a difference. This world could be more simple and everyone could be healthy. Universal would have many benefits.

On the other hand, there are many reasons to oppose universal healthcare. First of all, it would be extremely expensive to make this happen. People who pay taxes pay for healthcare for people who don’t work. Taxes would likely become higher than they already are. America’s debt would increase significantly due to all of the prescription pills and doctor bills to pay. Another potential concern is that the doctors available wouldn’t be able to keep up with the increased demand for medical care. The majority of college students want to go into a field with high pay.

Because of this, the number of people entering the medical field would decrease. Because of the increased availability and affordability of care, people would go to the hospital for the smallest inconvenience. . The quality of care would decrease due to the higher demand. When doctors have more patients to work on, the amount of attention each patient gets would be lowered. The wait for medical services would definitely become longer. The government could reduce this risk by hiring more doctors. There’s many negative things that would happen as a result of universal healthcare.

There are countless reasons to be considered when deciding weather universal healthcare would have a positive or negative effect on the people. Overall, it would be more beneficial if we have universal healthcare. Everyone deserves a fair opportunity of healthy living.


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