Problem of Prejudice in Modern Society

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Have you ever thought about what is forming prejudice and what are the main reasons that people judge others without knowing them? This idea has been discussed by so many knowledgeable, famous people and psychologist for decades. Prejudice is a groundless and undesirable attitude toward members of a group. Common types or some of the most well-known types of prejudice are Racism, Sexism, Classicism, Nationalism, Religious prejudice, and Ageism. We might ask that why we should care about prejudice and why it is important? My direct answer would be it is important because we need learn and believe in Equality. While this term had been described in many ways and by many different languages, Nelson Mandela have recognized a quote about prejudice that what forms prejudice and described prejudice is something people learned or taught to be prejudice because “ no one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background or his religion. People learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart its opposite”.

Although some people believe that prejudice is something that you born with, nevertheless, peoples are not born prejudiced because we were born to be with different creatures and grow based on different beliefs.

To begin, we are not born prejudiced because we were born to be with different people but not only those who share the same race, sex, age, and nationality. For instance, I spent my whole life in my home country and have not traveled outside the country until my sophomore year. Then, my parents have decided to come to the United States which I and my siblings saw it as a different decision that we would never expect to move to a place that nearly takes a whole day traveling to arrive. I and my brother were always talking about how people and society will be different than our own. I can confess that we did have some negative expectations to see from others, but we saw it totally different than we expected. I saw respect, kindness and so many positive things that we did not expect that way. I can say the reason that we had those expectations was that we have not been with other peoples that were not Kurds. But once while we were packing up, I asked my parents how we can move to a place where we have not been with them and not knowing them, they directly answered: “There is no difference, we are all humans, no matter who we are or who they are”.

I lived by this statement since then and stocked in my mind. I believe that United States was a good experiment for me, it was a good opportunity for me to share my culture with people who are not in the same field where I was born and learn more about their cultures and find the common and compare points with them and fit them into my world. Now, I have many friends who have different nationality, religion, and culture which we have never came to a point where we notice those differentiations among each other that is because I personally deeply believe in equality. On the other hand, I do not look at people as a color and judge them by appearance because we know that in every outside there is an inside that completes a person so judging people just by their look is an undesirable. Based on the Evelyn Clements experience in a community college, he described how being with other ethnic people left him positive impacts and taught him different things as he pointed out: “I have developed a respect for every human being . . . learned to take others into consideration, I have grown mostly in my relations with other ethnic people, and I enjoy it . . . I also have a lot more respect for people of different races . . . although I have always been active in anti-racism, I found that I am more sensitive to this ad more respective to people’s feelings”.

This proves that as long as we are with different peoples around the world can knowledge you more understanding of humanity and raise your educational level. Clearly, prejudice can be built and taught.

Racial Environment in College

More than a few researchers have observed racial environments at community colleges. Based on several aspects of campus climate. Together with social relations between variety groups od students, sociability, well-being, belonging, college funding of diversity, security and well treatment by staff, faculty and student. The American Association of Community College (AACC) reviewed 1,450 community college leaders and administrators. They asked the presidents and managers of each community to rate campus environment on a 5-point scale. Based on the 360 replied point scale from the colleges, none rated their college climate with a score of. As the result, 21% of the participants rated their college with as pleasant-sounding with a score of 5, 39% rated their colleges with a score of 4. Practically, 31% chose 3 as their point scale of their universities, and only seven percent selected the score of 2 for their college climate. As the result of some studies, we can say as long as the community gets more diverse the racism and prejudice will drop of, also the administrators of colleges can have a good impact by making more activities and clubs in order for the students to be more together and give them a chance to know each other more closely. Regarding some studies that had been experienced by Nancy Mattice in the college of Canyons, her analysis stance that “The more ethnic clubs the college has, the greater the segregation will become among students”.

Moreover, people learn to be prejudice because they born in different environments and grow based on different beliefs and cultures. For example, George Mason University is one of the most diverse campuses in the United States of America. It involves thousands of students and faculties from different cultures and countries. We can see that racism and discriminates are still exist because students still might be on the belief of a specific culture that they do not want to get involved or interacted with others who differ from them based on beliefs, cultures, and nationality. We can say for sure that having those attitude and behaviors can definitely have impact and on students’ activity and motion because there are still people out there that they do not want to be obvious and seen by others because sometimes they are have kind of a feeling of anxiety that what might other would think about and what description would be given from them, as been said by Riek and Mania about the anxiety when you are with a group of individuals ”feelings of uneasiness and awkwardness in the presence of out-group members because of uncertainty about how to behave toward them, which makes interactions with out-groups seem threatening” but we can see that prejudice is different from one place to another depending on how diverse the place is, the more diverse can lead to less prejudicing toward others. This shows that cultures and society can leave scars and impact on people’s beliefs and behaviors even if it is negative. Obviously, prejudice is something that made up and different as the variety of cultures, it is not something natural.


The existence of prejudicing can bring us several major problems that most society all over the world are struggling with and cannot find them solutions. It is saddening to see that prejudice is still a significant problem because by existing the racism and differentiations among people in each community can bring or build more of violations and crimes in that environments. It can make some groups leaders and others as a target for physical and unwritten misuse for immature reasons. We have seen and been heard victims of prejudice many times, most of those victims are discriminated just for being different from what is known as normal. They have been attacked because of having different skin colors, unlike appearances and many other reasons. “Nothing is gained, and no one is impressed by hurtful words thrown at another because of differences”.

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