Pro Life: Abortion is Cruelty

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Abortion is the act of ending an innocent child’s life. It began in the United States from the 1820’s, but it became legal in several states in 1973. Women around the world are using abortion as a type of birth-control. The pro-choice movement is supporting legalized abortion, while the pro-life is against killing unborn babies. Abortion is wrong, pro-life should be supported. The fact that abortion harms the health of mothers, that a baby is considered a life at the moment of conception, and that God is the creator of all children are the reasons abortions should not be legal in the United States.

The mental health of mothers is one of the factors that sway people to be pro-life supporters. The mental health issues that occur after an abortion are dangerous and harmful to women. Abortion leads to issues other than the death of an innocent child. Studies have shown that women with a history of abortion have higher rates than others of some types of depression disorders, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia, and many more other mental health problems overall. (Warren et al 230) A majority of the states require at least 18-24 hours of counseling before abortion can be proceeded. Women who are considering abortion need to be informed on the possible post abortion effects. A previous study using Add Health data found that adolescents were more likely than their peers who carried an unintended pregnancy to term to have sleep problems and receive emotional or psychological counseling. (Warren et al 233) Abortion is not only killing the baby, but also is harmful to the mother.

Many pose the question of when a baby is considered a life. The pro-life and pro-choice supporters debate over the answer to this question. People who consider themselves pro-life argue that abortion destroys human life, which biologically begins at conception. (Ojeda 198) Doctors can use several different methods to listen to the fetal heartbeat. The most common way doctors find a heartbeat is with a hand-held Doppler device. A Doppler device uses ultrasound waves off of red blood cells circulating in the blood system. After about 3 weeks, one day after fertilization, is when the heart first begins to beat. Women normally realize or find out that they are pregnant after five weeks. By week five the baby’s heart is already beating.

In the article, Fetal Heart Rate and Variability, measurement of heart rate and variability has had a distinguished history in developmental science in infancy and childhood. (24) A fetus is a life and should not be allowed to be aborted. A baby’s heartbeat is active and the baby is growing each and every day. Some mothers have had abortion at twenty-one weeks. During week twenty-one a baby would average 10 and ½ inches long and would begin with fluttering movements, then they would turn into strong kicks. Aborting a baby at twenty-one weeks is murder. How can taking a life from an innocent baby be legal, but murder be illegal? Both are choices not made by the individual whose life is being taken away, but the choice is made by the person taking the life. Our country needs to take into consideration that allowing mothers to choose whether their child’s life will have a future or not is irresponsible. No human being should have the power to take a life, especially an unstable or insecure mother. Abortion is a caused death by choice, which should be illegal.

Since the beginning of mankind cultures have sacrificed their children to false gods, even now people choose to sacrifice their children just for their convenience. In Psalms 139:13-14 it says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” It continues on through verse 16 and explains that God already has a plan, even for the unborn. God is the source of all life, He created every living thing. Every fetus or unborn child has a life planned ahead of them by God. An individual should not be allowed to kill a baby to make their life more comfortable. Many people do not understand that they do not need to have an abortion to solve the problems having a child can cause. When you sin or mess up God is still going to pick you up and take care of you. If you have faith, God will provide. He will give you comfort and strength. He will be your safe place, something an abortion could never give you.

In conclusion, abortion harms the health of mothers, a baby is a baby at the moment of conception, and that God is the creator of all children proves that abortion should be illegal. The debate between pro-life and pro-choice on whether abortion should be legal or not will be an issue that the world will struggle with for years to come. As the world’s knowledge enhances and broadens, hopefully people will realize that abortion is wrong and should be illegal. Abortion should not be allowed to be an outlet for mothers to make a hasty decision they will regret. No person should be allowed the opportunity to kill a baby just to erase a life they have no desire for. Before considering abortion contemplate on other options, for example, adoption, foster care, letting a family member raise and provide for the child, or attempt to raise the child yourself. Do not end a life just to make yours more convenient. Abortion is cruel and wrong. Be a pro-life advocate and help someone else make the right decision.

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