Abortion Shouldn’t be Legal

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Abortion has become one of the most controversial problem in the United States. The assertion is life and death, but it is complicated because of the complexity and complication. When it comes to abortion it’s either the baby lives or it dies, you have the same number of supporters on both sides. People telling you to not do it and others telling you to do it that everything is going to be fine. This why abortion has become a big issue here in the united states because many people don’t believe in abortion and other do. Some people want to low the numbers of abortions and just make abortion safer. Abortions is as many people may not know is when a procedure is done to end pregnancy or in other words end the life a baby. One of biggest question that I believe has be one of the most problematic is, should the law allow abortions when it comes to rape or interbreeding.

Abortion shouldn’t be allowed for women’s that just don’t want to be procreant. Abortion should only be allowed for women’s that have gotten rape. In my paper, I’ll be talking about how abortion shouldn’t be allowed but should be allow to those women that have been rape. I would also be taking about how abortion takes place in executive, judicial, and legislative branch and other interest groups. I would be explaining how each of these positions interplay with values of freedoms, order, and equality along with personal opinions on the position of this law.

Even though abortion could be described as killing instantly based on the current eyes of the majority of society, many others believe that abortion is the right choice for healthy views of the world of women. This problem is very problematic and still is being debated by many people. Throughout the discussions, there were also several laws developed to regulate the legality of this matter. There is a big board cross every year that it section off the people who got an abortion in the untitled states. Not all countries in the united states has legalize abortions only thirty countries have allowed abortions. The rest of the countries have strictly limited and fully prohibited abortions, but if the women is at risk, they would complete the abortion.

Abortions should have been prohibited from all countries in the united states because everyone deserves to live a life like everyone else. Abortions should be prohibited because the baby shouldn’t pay for the consequences that the mother made. In 1973, the Supreme Court, Roe vs. Wade, has legalized first trimester abortion. Ever since this happen many women’s have done a legal abortion about over 35 million women. About twenty four percent pregnancies women are aborted and forty-one percent are teenagers that have done abortions here in America. The numbers of abortions have increased restrictive as more states pass anti-abortion laws. States have enacted 483 new abortion restrictions between January 2011 and July 2019, accounting for almost 40 percent of all abortion restrictions enforced by states over the years since Roe vs. Wade. Only because abortion has been legal it doesn’t make it okay so that everyone could come and do it.

In 2014, the numbers of abortions were really high compare in 2017, the abortions were decreasing 8 percent. The percent of abortions in 2014 was 14.6 percent. In the united states roughly about 862,320 abortion have happen and this was in 2017. This shows that the abortion rate from 13.5 abortions per 1,000 women of ages 15 through 44 have drop. Not all abortions are done here in America. Many women’s come to down to California or travel to other states for an abortion. There was a big decreased decline percent rate in California between 2014 and 2017, it went from 19.5 to 16.4. California was doing good in not having any clinic that was doing abortions therefor many women had to travel someone else to get it done. Here in California abortion became restriction on March of 2020 but only abortion was allowed if the health or life of the mother was endangered.

There is two of an interest group that abortion has brought together is pro-life group and pro-choice group. Pro-life groups are a group of many people that are against abortion. This two groups confuse people a lot because of what they believe in when it comes to their moral, political, religious, and practical beliefs on abortion. Pro-choice group believe that the baby deserves to live, even if it was from rape. Every unborn fetus is a person just like everyone else and the fetus has human rights. Pro-life groups agree that when killing an unborn your becoming a murder. They believe that the unborn shouldn’t face the consequence for the wrong act. People support the pro-reproductive right in which allows people to get access to a full health care that includes safe and legal abortion. Pro-choice groups also support that choice to get birth control, sex education, and other health centers that have to do with sexual and reproductive. It’s the whole opposite when it comes to anti-abortion group, they don’t want people to get access to birth control. When Roe vs. Wade allowed the women to have the rights to make elective for abortions the pro-life group thought that the law abortion 3 should stop it from happening. We finally in so long since Roe v. Wade America that we have a pro-life president, pro-life vice president, pro-life house of representatives, and 25 pro-life republican state capitals.

There has been an executive order from the pass president and the president today. An executive order was made by the ex-president Barack Obama, he made the executive order promising that he would issue a new executive order for abortion restrictions when the house passes the bill. It strengthens a responsibility to protect the policy of the Hyde Amendment this prohibits any federal funds for abortion in the form of legislation on health care. This order was sign after they had an agreement with the anti-abortion democratic congressman Bart Stupak. Bart Stupak have said that some other anti-abortion democrats and himself in the house of representatives wouldn’t approve the patient safety and affordable care act. They would only approve it if the wording of the bill that restricts federal funding of abortions. There was the executive order was announced by the ex-president Barack Obama on March 21, 2010 and was sign on March 24. The Hyde and

The Nelson Amendment and similar clauses significantly limit access to government dollars but only in cases of abuse, recorded incest or life threatening of the pregnant woman. The Nelson Amendment also outs considerable pressure on accessibility to reproductive health. The Nelson Amendment’s restrictive rules that when people select a health plan that allows abortion coverage, they would have to make two different payments of insurance payments. One payment would be for abortion coverage and the other payment is for anything else they need.

Another executive order was sign by the president Donald trump. President Donald Trump sign the executive order that restricts any government money from going to any type of international groups that gives out information about abortions and performs it. President Donald Trump wants to stand up for all Americans and the unborn to ban abortion. President Trump released a memorandum re-establishing and extending the Mexico City Statute, restricting funds to groups offering abortion abroad. President Donald Trump and his administration provide a gag rule that bans and providers in the Title X. The gag rule pushed planned parenthood out of Title X. This means that families with low income and use Title X for health insurance can’t no longer depend on the federal government to fund their coverage.

This interplay with freedom because the women doesn’t have a choose when it comes to abortion. It doesn’t give the freedom to the mother to what to do with her body and that’s something everyone has argue about when it comes to abortion. People believe that it’s the mother body so she could decide what she wants to do with it. This also doesn’t give so much freedom to the any group that has to do with abortion because President Donald Trump wants to stop all that. Equality interplay with this too because I think the pro-choice people might think oh why does the pro-life group get what they want, and we don’t. The pro-choice group is going to have equality here and fight for it too because they might want to get what they wanted to and help out the mother’s that would want to get an abortion.

Congress claims to be a platform for new legislation and constitutional amendments intended to regulate or prohibit abortion practice. Before the Roe v. Wade decision, abortion legislation was left in the hands of State legislatures. In 1981, the discussion over abortion moved from the courts to Congress with the introduction of a new national government and a new Legislature. Legislators also passed legislation and constitutional amendments intended to ban abortion and limit federal court powers. For the first time since the 1973 Supreme court banning abortion, now there is a real chance that pro-life activist groups will put on significant changes in national policy.

The reassertion of Legislative prerogatives on the topic of abortion has included the adoption of the law for human life and the fifth amendment to human life. Abortion advocates on both sides of the debate argue the bills seek to undermine or even challenge explicitly the landmark case of the 1973 Supreme Court, Roe v. Wade, that legalized abortion in the United States. Throughout the year many laws have been made for every county in America like Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, and Utah. All this county was ban from doing abortions. In Alabama the governor Kay Ivey have signed into law saying that in any doctors perform any abortions they would go to jail up to 99 years. The only exceptions are that is the mother is a serious health risk then they could do it.

In Arkansas they ban abortions after 18 weeks in pregnancy but then a federal judge temporarily ban it from going to effect because it would create irreparable harm to the women wanting abortion. Republican governor Brian Kemp in Georgia signed the highest profile that was called heartbeat bills. This ban the abortions at the onset of a fetal heartbeat. The same thing happen in Kentucky when Republican governor Matt Bevin passed the heartbeat bill. In Utah republican governor Gary Herbert signed a bill to ban abortions after 18 weeks. Ohio and Louisiana governor signed a bill to ban abortions once you are able to detect the heartbeat. Mississippi republican governor Phil Bryant signed the bill to prohibit abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy.

Ever since abortions was legalized in 1973 by the Supreme court the state governments have tried to restrict its influence by introducing legislation that limits access to abortions. Latest fights have focused around the controversial practice of partial-birth abortion.

Making these laws could have a big impact in the world. It could help out other women’s’ that want to do abortion change their mind and just keeping the baby. Every country is different from each other’s when it comes to abortion.

In conclusion, abortion shouldn’t be allowed anywhere in United States because that isn’t a right thing to do. I believe that every unborn deserves to live a life just like every baby that is born in the world. No unborn should pay for the consequences that their mother has made. It could be anything, is she got raped, if there was an accident between the partners, or she just decide to not want the baby no more. Everyone should have a chance to experience the real world. Women’s should have responsibility for their actions. Many people think doing abortions is the easy way out from not having the baby.

That is wrong because they are killing a new life and could possible out themselves in endanger. The mother could lose their life doing the process. Women’s have misunderstanding when it comes to abortions or didn’t get the right information about doing abortion. It could happen that a woman can’t have no more babies because it hurts the body. Babies are little angels that god sent us so you shouldn’t murder them because that’s could be the most precious thing that happened in your life.

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