Legalization of Abortion

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There are many debates about abortion in today’s society. Unwanted pregnancies can be very stressful for a women. There are about 1.2 million abortions a year and 3,322 a day. There are two different types of abortions, a medical abortion and a surgical abortion. The variety of opinions are endless to whether or not abortion is inhumane. Approximately 51 percent of the United States population believes that abortion should be legal. The other 43 percent of the United States population believes that abortion should be illegal. Women should have the right to abort a baby today because of the chances of being raped, having an unstable home, and putting their life at risk.

Many states forced restrictions on abortion right after the Roe v Wade act. The Roe v Wade act was issued on January 22, 1973. Norma McCorvey lived in Texas in the late 1960’s. She was pregnant with her third child and did not want to continue with her pregnancy. She had put her two previous children up for adoption. During the time of her pregnancy abortion was only legal if the woman’s life was at risk. Norma ended up giving birth and putting the child up for adoption. Finally the court declared that a woman’s right to an abortion was her privacy rights. Then some other states still believed that abortion was not the right choice and would not legalize it.

It is known that two out of every three rape victims do not report the assault, in fear of being shamed or punished. Women hesitate to report because of being victim blamed which further hurts them, making them believe it is their fault. Some laws are not what is best for the women carrying the unborn child. For example, in Iowa, a law was passed that stated a woman must report the assault in 45 days or the law could not do anything about the assault. Therefore, if a woman happened to get pregnant from being raped there would be nothing that could be done and abortion cannot be established. This law forces women to keep the child whether they want to or not if they do not react during a certain period of time.

When discussing abortion you have to look at different views including rape. When a woman is raped and becomes pregnant from the assault they may not want to live with facing their demons everyday of their life. Women should be given the option to terminate their pregnancies if they have been raped. If they are forced to keep the child by law, the mothers can become depressed, have mental issues, have eating disorders or other problems by keeping the baby they did not want or could not take care of. Allowing women to have the choice to terminate their pregnancy or continuing it defends all people, giving them the choice to do what they need or want to do with their body or situation they are in. There are very minimal options for a rape victim to prevent unwanted pregnancies as well. The most common way to prevent the pregnancy is by taking a ECP, which is an emergency contraceptive pill. Even though this is a common style of avoiding pregnancy this also comes with its risks as well. Regular use of this pill can cause liver failure as well as clots in the heart, intestines and lungs. Some women take this pill to prevent pregnancy because they know in some states that it is illegal to have an abortion after a certain time period. They take this to eliminate abortion as an option.

By withholding an abortion from a mother, many women find unhealthy and unsafe ways to abort because they feel they have no other alternative. When women do not have professional abortions by a specific doctor, it puts the mother and the child at risk. There is a high amount of risks that comes from an unhealthy abortion. The reason mothers choose to abort from home is because it is their last resort. Abortions that take place at home could leave the mother ill. Having these unsafe abortions could also lead to further medical issues down the road. Choosing abortion could also lead to mental issues as well, such as depression and anxiety. Unsafe abortions can put the mother at high risk for infections, mortality to both, infertility and hemorrhage. According to NCBI, around 50 million abortions are estimated to be induced annually, of which 33% are illegal and almost 50% are performed outside the healthcare system (ncbi.nlm.nih.gov). Abortions typically are a decision due to fearing the thoughts of family. Around 25 million unsafe abortions take place annually.

Another reason abortion should be legal is because of an unstable home. The choice of abortion should belong to the person carrying the baby. If abortion were to be illegal many children would grow up in broken homes which typically could bring along many issues down the road. Abortion should be allowed if the family is unstable, the mother does not want a child, or if the family cannot take care of the child. With this being allowed it would lower the risk of children being in and out of foster homes and living a miserable life they did not choose. Some kids grow up watching their parents become addicts. Coming from a broken home gives a higher percentage of the child having suicidal thoughts. If an abortion were not allowed and the parent knows they could not take care of the child it would lead to the child not getting what the child should be entitled to.

Having an unwanted child could lead to the child being unhealthy or neglected. A child from an unstable home is a very big issue in today’s world. Some children do not have the correct assistance that they need because of their parents being unstable. Some children grow up handicapped because the mother was on drugs while carrying the child. This also would make the government lose money by having to assist the unhealthy child due to the parent being forced to have it. A child deserves to be wanted by the parent so it should be the mothers choice of abortion. The mother not wanting to carry the child could also lead to an unhealthy pregnancy which could potentially put the mother and child at mortality risk.

An unplanned pregnancy can cause a variety of feelings and thoughts. For some women it might be clear as to if the want to abort the child or continue with the pregnancy. Abortion is one of the safest and most common types of medical procedures. In certain circumstances terminating the pregnancy is the best option for some women. Only the women carrying the baby knows what is best for them at that certain part of their life. Events like this can traumatize a person, living with the thought of not knowing if it was the right decision for her or if she went through with it for someone else.

Raising a kid costs money. According to Tracy Weitz, “most women are having an abortion because they say they cant afford to have a child.” Broken relationships or unhealthy relationships often cause a mother to want to abort. Support from family members play a big role in abortion. When a woman feels like she has nobody there to help her or support her through the rough times, she feels abortion is the only option. Some women are not financially stable to take care of themselves, let alone a child. When a person moves from house to house because they can not pay the bills is unhealthy for a child. It could cause stress and anxiety by moving from different schools and making new friends all the time. Having an unstable home and not being able to buy food to support the child’s needs is not what a child asks for. In some cases, abortion is the best option when a person knows they are not financially stable to raise a child.

Abortion not being an option would also lead to money loss as well. The government would then have to spend more money investigating how these non professional abortions are taking place. Once an unsafe abortion takes place and it needs to be corrected, the abortion doctor would then put more risk to the patient’s life by possibly harming the body even more. This also would use more supplies as well as take longer procedure time due to the doctor now having to be cautious about the previous procedure done.

Abortion is in fact a safe procedure that is legal all around the world. When it comes to aborting, the safest and most common medical procedure is a surgical one. Using medication early in pregnancy as another way of abortion also has a similar safety profile. “Complications from having a first-trimester aspiration abortion are considerably less frequent and less serious than those associated with giving birth” (NAF). This means that having an abortion in the first trimester is the best and if there are any complications, they will not be life threatening. Giving birth has a higher “injury” rate than first trimester abortions.

Although abortions used to not be so safe, back in the 1880’s and 1950’s, “Many of the doctors who provide abortions in the United States today are committed to providing this service under medically safe conditions because they witnessed and still remember the tragic cases of women who appeared in hospitals after botched, illegal abortions” (NAF). This statement shows that the people who push abortion to be illegal do not realize the safety procedures doctors now take. 97% of women who have had an abortion reported no complications, whereas 2.5% have had minor. These statistics show that abortion is a very serious and safe procedure if done by a doctor.

Illegal abortion is an unsafe abortion. Before women had the right to abortion, “at least 100,000 or up to 240,000 women have tried to self-induce an abortion” (Redden). These numbers are outrageous and will only go up if abortion is illegal. Renee Chellan, an abortion provider, said, “What has gotten lost in the history is how many women died trying to give themselves abortions”. More than 68,000 women die annually due to this and 5 million that have done this and lived suffer long-term health issues. Women that are abused by their boyfriend, husband, or ex have reported being afraid to keep the baby, thinking they will either get hurt by them or use the pregnancy as an excuse to stay in their lives. More than 400 restrictions have been put on abortion in the past seven years. If the government decides the completely abolish abortion, more deaths and health issues will happen to women.

On the other hand, some people see abortion as a murder. They believe that women choose to get an abortion as a convenience for them or an easy way out. People judge them mothers and say they were irresponsible because they were not on birth control. However, half of all unintended pregnancies occur while women are using birth control (verywellheath). In some cases if a person was to kill a pregnant women they would be sentenced with two murder charges. Pro-life advocates believe that when a woman chooses to abort she is killing an innocent baby. At least 29 states have fetal homicide laws that apply to the earliest stages of pregAt least 29 states have fetal homicide laws that apply to the earliest stages of pregnancy When a woman chooses to abort she does what is best for the baby because she knows she cannot provide the life best for the child. Women who choose to abort say that it is a painful and difficult decision to make for themselves and a the child. It’s a decision that will be with the mother for the rest of her life.

Many people have their own opinions over abortion and how it ties back into the constitutional rights of a person or family. However, if abortion were to become illegal all around the world, there could be more conflicts and riots. A woman has the right to make her own choices and should be able to choose what she wants to do with her own body. If a women has been raped, has an unstable home, or is risking her life, she should be able to determine what she wants to do with it.

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