Prejudice and Stereotypes in Workplace

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Prejudice and Stereotypes in Workplace essay
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In a multicultural workplace, many prejudice and stereotypes might happen easily. Every single employee is from many different countries such as India, Japan, England, American, etc so each has their own ways of thinking and beliefs. Therefore, conflict tends to happen. There are many types of prejudice and stereotypes. Firstly, gender stereotype refers to fixed attitude to members of a particular gender.

This emerges sexism, which is the belief that members of one gender are inferior to another. Gender prejudice always exists in multicultural environment. For example, Google co-operation is one of the biggest companies in the world with employees coming from hundreds of diferent backgrounds. Whereas many assume that being able to get into Google Inc and work there is a priviledge as a prejudice, the truth might be let them down. That is, although women and men are doing at the same position in the company, women are likely to get salary lower than men. Women have less opportunities and promotion in work.

Secondly, it is the belief that those below a certain age cannot understand or contribute meaningfully to their job. Working in multicultural workplace involves a number of good skills and adaptation with new environment. When it comes to young or old colleagues, one could think that their young colleagues are lack of working experiences whereas old colleagues might deal with work in a slow productivity and do not keep up-to-date with new technology. Finally, prejudice and stereotypes perpetuate inaccuracies about racial. Racial prejudice is the popular problem in the world. Racial prejudice is an insidious moral and social disease affecting people and population all over the world.

They own the discrimination of skin colour, immigrants and citizens in their own country. Similarly, in a multicultural workplace, people are likely to have prejudice against non-white colour people. They might be considered to be uncommitted and lazy. In fact, it is wrong to recognise a good person through one’s own prejudice and stereotypes. In conclusion, working in a multicultural workplace could happen complicated questions due to prejudice and stereotypes.

Prejudice and Stereotypes in Workplace essay

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