Poverty As A Social Problem

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Poverty can be defined as a social problem that means the individual’s need for money to secure his life and meet his requirements, such as eating, medicines and others to survive. Many countries suffer from this phenomenon. For example, Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the African continent. To find a solution for this problem, it is important to know the causes of poverty. This essay will discuss the most important causes of poverty such as unemployment, non-exploitation of natural resources and wars.

Unemployment is one of the common causes that leads to poverty. The relationship is very strong between unemployment and poverty. For example, when unemployment rates rise , the poverty will increase. In fact, some of the social and economic problems are the increase in the population and also the increase in the number of employees from outside the country leads to difficulty in the availability of jobs and here will produces unemployment .

The non-exploitation of natural resources is another cause of poverty. Actually, agriculture, oil and other things are available in nature, and can be used by humans to promote the economy of the country. In addition, if resources are exploited and invested well the economy will develop, but if it is not exploited, it will lead to increased consumption without production. Then, suffering will come with poverty.
Wars can contribute a great deal in causing poverty. It is greatly affect the economy of the country as well as the resources available in them and lead to their lack. Moreover, the blockade which the country is exposed to during the war it causes a decline in activities and people can not invest, so they are unable to provide basic needs such as housing, food and clothing, which leads them to poverty.

In conclusion, there are also many causes of poverty, which include unemployment, exploitation of natural resources and wars. If we do not give this issue any importance and we do not do anything about it, the poverty rate will increase. In my personal opinion, I think we should all be one hand and solve the problem of poverty. First of all, the government should provide jobs, especially for university graduates, and create conditions that suit people. Must also take advantage of resources by the government to create new projects to recruit workers. Besides, in the family, the family breadwinner should know how to divide the income on the basic needs to have a balance between income and consumption. Furthermore, the person should rely on himself and do not be lazy.

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