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Positive Influence of Religion on Our Life

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Positive Influence of Religion on Our Life essay
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Sophie’s World presents the history of philosophy in the form of a novel. A young girl learns about life and philosophy. This book has philosophical questions which turn to question religion. Religion can be defined as the belief in and worshipping of God or gods. Religion is an almost universal institution in human society. It is found in all societies, past, and present. All ancient societies is known to have religion. Religion also goes back to the beginning of the culture itself.

Humans has always believed that there exist powers, which are beyond their control. Some of these powers are sometimes supernatural. Supernatural powers are powers which are beyond human control or human reasoning. They rely on religion to explain these powers, because religion fulfills the need of people to deal with their fear of the supernatural powers. With religion we can explain nearly all things that science can’t explain like life, diseases that can’t be cure.

To begin, in the novel, some of the questions are related to religion by trying to question religion. One of these questions are “Where does the world come from?”

Surely nobody really knows the answer to this question. In the novel this question fascinates Sophie imagination and thinking. She began to think how if the world did not exist or if anything could have existed before the beginning of the world. This question somehow is a scary question because it makes Sophie to question herself and her life. It even turns to hurts her emotionally. From then, she stops trying to answer the question. It is difficult for somebody to answer this type of question because only God knows the answer. Reason why we should rely on religion to answer such type if question. Nowadays, we used science to answer some of our inquiry, but science can’t answer every question because it is limited on human reasoning. “Until that time people had found answers to all their questions in various religions. These religious explanations were handed down from generation to generation in the form of myths”. Religion was also used to answer some question especially during the past, where people used to worship many gods to answer some of their questions. We can see an example from the book where people worshipped gods, because these gods answered all their problems and helped them to fight against their enemies when they are in war. An example in the novel is Thor who was worship because he brought rain which helped to produce plants in some farms. Thor also was used as a kind of protection against enemies. We also have Loki who brought fertility. On the other hand, nowadays, we use much more science to explain things that happen in our life or the world. We also question religion but mainly on complex things like supernatural issue. Religion and science sometimes contradict and sometimes doesn’t.

Again, nowadays, we have different kind of religion and each religion has its own practice. Some of those religions are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Most of time we used religion to answer some important question and that is good. Each religion tries to explain the world in different way. For example, Christianity has a different way to explain life than Islam do.

Moreover, people believe in religion because it is a self-evident of the existence of a God. So one of the most asked question is why people can’t believe in religion. It would be good for people to believe in God because it is very important to us. Believing in religion helps people in belief of God and life after death which leads us to take important decisions in our life. Religion is a very significant part of our life and every person need to practice a religion or believe in God.

In conclusion, practicing religion is a good thing, because it helps us in many aspects of our life. Firstly, it helps us to know more God and believed in Him. Religion also unites people in the world and brings social solidarity. It also provides emotional support or psychological comfort in times of crises by assuring people in the meaning of life. It helps individuals to understand the reason of their existence.

Positive Influence of Religion on Our Life essay

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