Positive Impact of Science on Human

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Steven Redhead once said, “Nothing remains constant, all things are in a state of advancement or decay.” As time goes by, everything will change because new ideas, inventions, and alternatives will arise. Science is a course that produces new intelligence. For the past 500 years, Science has been continuously affluent in its main function of exploring and examining how the world works. We cannot deny that Science has been beneficial in today’s generation. It has been influential in our daily life and has reformed the society and human advancement.

I firmly agree in the quotation “New powers are created by scientific advancement.”. Science has contributed and made a substantial impact in the society by reforming the standard of communication, conveyance, technology, and the way of life. The works of Scientists and Philosophers from all generations contributed to effect advances in the field.

Through the Scientific Advancement people has the power to create and innovate that made an impact in today’s life.

Here are some examples:

  • Medical Field- due to the advancement in the field of science and technology, medical researchers have developed a vaccination to prevent spreading diseases such as polio, measles, malaria, and tuberculosis. According to the World Health Organization, the vaccine saved over 3 million lives globally. With the rapid growth of advancement in science, Scientists were able to produce medicines, anesthesia, antibiotics, medical imaging, organ transplant, and cancer nanomedicine.
  • Modern Agriculture- In the late 1940s, biologists started developing high-yield fields of different crops. Through scientific enhancement, it enriched the affordability of food, increases food supply, guaranteed food safety, increases sustainability, more biofuels, and transformed the economic structure of agricultural practices.
  • Communication- With the aid of scientific advancement it has changed the way we communicate. Back in the past people used to write letters and wait for how many days before it was delivered. Today, with the use of modern technology we can send a message and call on social media even the person is miles away from us.
  • Paying bills and Money Transfer- with the power to create and innovate, we can now use our mobile phones and online banking to pay bills and transfer money without personally going to the bank.
  • Entertainment- back in the days the only available materials for entertainment are paper books, cassettes, and vinyl record. Nowadays, we can read books through our mobile phones we just have to download and make use of the internet. For music and videos, an application like Spotify, YouTube, iTunes, and many more are a trend in today’s generation.
  • Safety- with the creation of Smart Security System and CCTV’s we can now detect the possible intruders in our homes. Also, we can now view live footage of what is going on in our homes.
  • Transportation- The Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) was created to improve transportation safety and mobility by sharing information that can prevent vehicle collisions and keep the traffic moving. Also, the evolution of the Global Positioning System (GPS) that provides information and location.

New Power is created through scientific advancement whereas it ensures a longer and healthier life- provides medicine to cure diseases, food, energy, and entertainment. Scientific Advancement suggests solution in our daily life.


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