Positive and Negative Impact of Occupational Stress

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As we all know that the stress may occur in many forms such as psychological, emotional, physical, social, occupational or job-related. Occupational stress is a condition arising from job-related factors or combination of factors obstructing the worker and impinging on his or her physical, psychological health and simultaneously leading to various organizational consequences such as sickness-related absence, high employee turnover, high stress-related health care costs, loss of productivity, etc. occupational stress is propelling in these days this is exactly the situation in every organisation. Therefore, stressful situations in the workplace create occupational stress which leads to negative and harmful effects on employers and employees in many forms.

According to an earlier report titled ‘All Stressed Up”- ‘Stress can actually help memory, provided it is short-term and not too severe. Additionally, stress causes more glucose to be delivered to the human brain, which makes more energy available to neurons.” This, in turn, enhances memory formation and retrieval. On the other hand, if stress is prolonged, it can impede the glucose delivery and disrupt memory of human.

Now a days every organisation faces issues and problems relating to morale, motivation, job-satisfaction, job-stress, leadership behaviour, organizational climate, beliefs, attitudes, value systems, training, communication, conflict and negotiation. To determine the strategies for boosting the morale of employees under conditions of anxiety and stress, and to improve job satisfaction among the organisational personnel. The problems of indiscipline and the remedial measures to inculcate discipline have also been investigated.

Psychosocial correlates of stress and techniques for its effective management have been thoroughly studied and self help guides have been developed for the employees as well as officers and employers. The officers and mangers in an organisaction should be trained to acquire skills to build harmonious superior-subordinate relationships and good communication skill to pull the employees together to accomplish objectives with the aim to create a supportive atmosphere while working and encouraging an output-oriented behaviour.

However, stress within manageable limits is not only desirable but essential for success. Stress is thus, an integral part of human functioning and is a catalyst for fulfillment of aspirations in life.


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