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My source of inspiration to have a career as a nurse came from the desire of helping people and caring for them. Working in dental surgery as a receptionist, my main duties were handling incoming calls, greeting and assisting patients, making appointments and maintain their accounts, also provided cared and support to different people, including those with disabilities, special needs, and most especially the elderly once, I was always sensitive and kind to a patient who is concerned about their dental treatment.

I understand coming to the dentist can be fearfully expected, with the professionalism I make sure patients felt assured of the quality of the service, I offer soothing words, positive distraction, engage them in conversation, my strength is the attention to detail, to ensure patient safety and comfort, to see patients happy, putting a smile on their faces and making sure they leave the practice happy. This was rewarding for me.

One reason I particularly enjoy the job and the challenges that go with it, was the opportunity to connect with people every day, this inspired me to do more in people’s life and well-being, I took up a new task and work as a care- assistant where I improved living standard, help them maintain their independence also give each one of them the support they need, this make me happy to know I can make a difference to someone’s life.

Working closely with a nurse daily make me realize that nurses are not just people to administer drugs or heal wounds, they are the glue that holds everything together. Nurses are the first to care for patients, they spend most of their time attending and interacting with the patient, this provides the nurses the unique opportunity to understand and care for many people, Nurses improves life.

The more I experienced, the more I know that this field was my calling. I want something that will relate to my passion; I want to be a nurse to care for people, heal their wounds and care for them in their most vulnerable state. To be a nurse is an exciting career you deal with many aspects of patient care and I enjoy the variety in the routine.

During my time at the university, I was elected as course representative, this strengthened my communication skills, management skills and team working skill, I could communicate with people at all ages both orally and written.

I am well-organized and genuinely interested in people welfare, am friendly, confident, sympathetic with a reassuring manner, thus I have showed in my work life. In my leisure time, I enjoy creating and, getting new ideas, to be a nurse will improve my creative thinking to decide in the life of patients.

It would be a privilege to secure admission for nursing, I know my dedication and passion for assisting others will prove very important in this demanding and competitive profession; I am confident I will match the standard set by your school.


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