Personal Experience with Diversity

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Diversity tends in every aspect of life. Because diversity surrounds everywhere they go, people understand the importance and appreciation of culture without even realizing it. My diversity is especially unique because there have been instances in my life that nobody would ever think about and would never know it happened to me. My experiences have made me a stronger person and have made me thankful for having such a tight-knit family and great friends and for them always being there for us during the hardest times.

When I was a child, I learned to never judge someone just based on their appearance, where they might live, or even how wealthy they are. I was born in Atlanta but then moved to a small town in North Carolina for the next ten years. In this town, there is no such thing as privacy. When I was seven years old and in the second half of my year in first grade at a new school, my father had a brain aneurysm. Twenty-four hours had not passed when the whole neighborhood knew about what had happened. Because of his aneurysm, my father couldn’t think the way he used to anymore and would even sometimes have problems. Every time someone had heard of whatever problem he or our family were having, we were the talk of the town. After a decade in North Carolina, me, my mother and my sister moved back to Atlanta, where we would be surrounded with love and support from our family and friends.

Everyday, we see and judge people based on their looks and how they act on the outside. Based on my experiences, however, I have learned that diversity exists on the inside too. Appearance-wise, I am the typical teenage girl that loves to hang out with friends and loves to shop- but if you knew me, there is more to me than meets the eye. I have admittedly struggled with my parents getting divorced and having to adapt to only having one parent in the house while the other lives eight hours away. Despite these challenges, my struggles have made me who I am today. They have forged me into a unique individual and made me want to help people who need it the most. Because of my struggles, I would like to attend Georgia College and get my degree to become a teacher or a nurse, like my mother.

Throughout the years of transferring from state to state, from house to house, and from school to school, my teachers and my mother have always had an impact on me. They were always caring and gave me the help and support I needed to succeed. They would always make sure I had the right tools to become a successful person and to always be proud of myself and know that I can one day make a difference.

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