Personal Development Plan

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Growth is an important aspect in one’s life. Aside from physical growth we should also be ready for personal growth including our communication skills, our interaction skills, our maturity and growth in our thinking too. Throughout this course, we have evaluated ways in which one can grow in order to improve our human relation. It is the experiences as well as the skills that we gain as we go through life that really contribute to our growth. As we transverse in this world, we will notice that there are various kinds of people who we get to interact in various ways because different people will have different personalities.

First thing that I would like to work on is my intercultural communication. As a child I did not get to interact with so many people as I do now. While in the university, it is here that I have been able to interact with people from all sorts of background, cultures and people from different parts of the world. I realized that through the interaction I was able to understand there are statements and views that we have on the various cultures or regarding people from continents like Africa that are completely misinformed.

There are things that one may do in America but prove offensive outside America (Hoelleroaug, 2015).In improving my intercultural communication, I will need to do extensive research and reading regarding people of different cultures, races or origin in order to have a better understanding of them and to be in a better position to communicate with them.

Interpersonal communication skills are also something I should work on. Interpersonal communication will help me in passing my message out there. Interpersonal communication not only involves using words during communication but also how I say it and the various body languages that are used in communication. A good example is talking while putting on a smile indicates one is friendly. When addressing a large gathering one should know how to maintain eye contact with people throughout the room without seeming as if you are gazing. One should be able to talk with lots of confidence in a room that if you were passing a point then the people get convinced.

The third skill that I would love to improve is the leadership skills. Currently I am not that good of a leader as often I tend to shy away from leadership roles such as being a team leader in a group. In one’s career in order to go far, then you may need to possess various leadership skills including how to work with people. Team work is an important aspect in trying to make things happen. When people come together people great things get to happen. A team leader should be able to group people to work together and lead them throughout a process in order to ensure what they are working on comes to success or rather completion (Mind Tools Content Team, 2019).

Finally, the last skill that I would want to possess is conflict resolution skill. Personally I hate getting in a heated argument and often I will retreat before the situation escalates. In this world there are chances we are going to end up in conflicts us or our colleagues. It is important to deal with these conflicts in amicable ways by employing various skills including negotiation. At times in order for one to reach a point of agreement people may have to compromise on certain demands that they have. As a leader if a conflict occurs it is important to ensure while settling it, one party does not get to feel as if the other party is being favored but rather everyone needs to feel their grievances were addressed and they are contented.

Personal Skills

  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Intercultural Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Leadership Skills
  • Motivational Speaking

Year 1

  • I will get information on the various body languages used in communication
  • Learn the various stereotypes that exist that may hinder my communication with people from different cultures
  • Learn the various skills one may need to possess in helping people deal with their various conflicts such as negotiation skills
  • Learn the various leadership theories that exist and how to be a good leader
  • Work on improving my self-confidence and communication as these skills are important in motivational speaking

Year 2

  • Be cautious, respectful as well as empathetic. I need to develop these things in me as a way of improving my interpersonal communication I need to understand every single person is entitled to their opinion.
  • Expand my circle and try to socialize with people from various cultures in order to know more about these different cultures.
  • Take a short course on conflict resolution which can be an online course.
  • Enroll in an online certificate on leadership where I can get to learn on the various things needed of a leader.
  • Exercise motivational speaking by talking to friends or family in order to boost confidence

Year 3

  • Get to do more talking in front of smaller audiences in order to gain more confidence as I try apply knowledge I have.
  • Broaden my interaction with people from different cultures including attending their cultural events in order to learn more about them
  • Try master skills that help in conflict resolution including the art of staying calm and one being able to be aware of their emotions. I need to understand how to analyze conflicts needs and develop a strategy
  • Step up in my work of place when need be. When certain roles that come up in place of work that need someone as a leader my goal is not to shy away from the opportunity granted
  • Be an active speaker in place of work. Talk to colleagues in case they may face challenges and how they can overcome these challenges.

Year 4

  • Target bigger audiences this may be in conferences related to my careers. Bigger audiences may prove difficult to tackle but I am willing to try.
  • Take on additional classes to try and learn two foreign languages, my target is French and Chinese. I plan on looking for an internship opportunity in France and it will be great if I know a little bit of French to make communication easier
  • Try and mediate between people who may be involved in conflicts. It may be close family members, friends or people at work. Target will be to ensure they are satisfied and reconcile.
  • Apply for job position that require leadership skills. For example, being a supervisor somewhere would mean that Will be in charge of a group. Higher positions comes with more tasks.
  • Offer motivational speaking to larger groups of people. For example I can be going to schools to encourage the young people to push on in life and ways they can become great people in the society.

Year 5

  • Try get a few people who may need a little bit of coaching on public speaking. I may still have a few things to learn but as I also share I get to learn.
  • Have a good mastery on the appropriate language one needs to use including not using slang. Develop also an open mind in order to be ready to learn other peoples culture.
  • Expand my conflict resolution skill into more professional level. Try help the company resolve the wrangles they may have internally and also air my views on cases on the best way the company can handle certain conflicts
  • Mentor a few students who would love to become leaders in the future. This may be children in grade school, junior or senior school.
  • Open a company and employ people passionate about young people where we will be visiting schools and talking to children generally about life and the challenges and how to overcome them.


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