Perception of Women

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Women can be affected by other’s perceptions of them. Outside opinions and judgements create an internalized objectification in women. The purpose of this prompt was to showcase how other’s impressions of women can cause them to act and behave in a way that is less than human. To objectify someone is to degrade them; to have no respect for them. When women are viewed as an object, they begin to project those characteristics. Being seen as only something that should be pretty and stared at can have negative effects. After being objectified, women will tend to become more passive, resigned, and timid. It becomes a learned behavior for women.

The authors of this article support their claims with research. They present evidence found from studies conducted to prove that women act differently after having been objectified. First, they present the case that women are in fact being judged based on their physical characteristics. The authors highlight studies where after focusing on the physical aspect of women, participants attribute them with negative personality traits.

When attention is drawn to their phenotypes, women are seen as cold, unintelligent, and immoral. After discussing how women are objectified, the article explains the effect this may have on them. The article gives examples of a change in behavior when women are seen as a commodity instead of a person. Women tend to talk less and make more mistakes when they feel like they are being judged. The article gives an example of women acting less than competent after they were stared at. After these women were gazed at, they did not do as well on a series of math problems. These examples reiterate the authors’ main point.

The society that we live in is heavily influenced by public opinion. We post the very best version of ourselves on social media so that others will think positively of us. We crave praise and affirmation that we are accepted in society. When people share their negative opinions of us, it is very easy to feel unworthy and inferior. For example, my sister is very pretty. She is often stopped and complimented on her beauty. Unfortunately, due to the fact that she is attractive, people think she is dumb. Our society tends to believe that women must choose between being pretty and smart; they cannot be both. When people found out that she was going to law school they were shocked; how could someone so beautiful also be so smart.

Many people expressed skepticism over the fact that she got into law school on her own merit. After these comments were made, my sister was disheartened and apprehensive at the prospect of starting her first year of school. However, unlike the article, she did not let being judged for her appearance affect her negatively. There was a change in her behavior, but a positive change. My sister wanted to prove that she was more than just a pretty face. She worked so hard her first year to prove that she had earned that spot in law school.

The prompt article did not change my opinion on how other’s perception of women can change the way they act. I already believed that public observations on a woman could have an effect on her. Since I am a woman myself, I have dealt with this firsthand. Many of my female friends have had similar circumstances where they feel the need to change who they are because of the way others see them. The article mainly reinforced my feelings on this topic. Women are much more than their appearances. It is not appropriate to deem a person is dumb, rude, or less than based on their looks. It is not fair to judge a book based on its cover The article also reinforces my belief that being judged on appearances affects more than just looks.

Not only does objectification affect women’s behavior, it also affects the way they think. The article describes how men are not the only ones to come to these negative opinions. Women will make the same superficial judgements against other girls that have been made against them. The article was not successful in changing my views because I already had the same views. However, I do believe that it managed to change my thoughts that being objectified only has a negative effect. Not every woman gets despondent and uncertain when they are judged for their looks. Being objectified can sometimes have an empowering effect on women. It can cause women to take a stand and realize that they deserve better. Women are more than objects and deserve to be treated


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