Passion Is an Important Part Of Job

Updated October 5, 2021

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Passion Is an Important Part Of Job essay

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“Just because your life changes doesn’t mean your deepest passions have to.” – Shannon Miller. Passion creates the fuel to drive people to be successful. According to a survey conducted by CNBC, 85% of Americans love their jobs. Apparently many Americans love their jobs, or at least one component, however, that does not mean they have a passion for their job. The survey based their findings on the following categories; pay, autonomy, contribution, opportunities, and meaning. For example, in an article from American Psychological Association, it states, “Something that’s meaningful for one person may be inconsequential for another..”

What drives or motivates one person in a career can be completely different than that of a different person in the same career, or even at the same place of employment. Personally, what gives meaning to teaching is inspiring young people to be their best selves, however, many colleagues simply do the job for the meager paycheck. Having passion for a subject is more important than having knowledge about it because; passion fuels knowledge, people who love what they do tend to excel, having passion makes what you do enjoyable.

Passion is the fuel to encourage people to acquire the knowledge needed for them to be successful in their career paths. According to a census conducted by the United States government, in 2017, 90% of Americans had their high school diploma or higher levels of education. This shows an emphasis has been given to obtaining a greater amount of information in specialized areas to better suit jobs available in the market. High school diplomas have become a staple in people’s lives and passion for success has driven the number of people seeking further education to an all time high. In an article written by Danny Rigo, “Passion changes yes. BUT what you are naturally built to do doesn’t change.”

Over the course of a person’s life their interests and desires of what they want to do may change based on experiences or circumstances, but what they are truly capable of doing does not change. Our passion is innate and woven into the fibers of our being. According to a study by Georgetown University, 36% of jobs will not require an education beyond a high school diploma. People will tend to seek out and obtain additional training as well as education about topics for which they have a passion.

People’s passions may change throughout their lives, rather by a conscious decision or an unforeseen life event. Due to the fact that passions can change, having sound knowledge about a topic or field is considered more important to some people. For example, a lawyer needs seven years of education post high school, including successfully passing a GRE exam and ultimately a bar exam. Lawyers have a plethora of essential knowledge they must commit to memory in order to even begin to practice law. Lawyers go through rigorous testing during their seven years of school to ensure they have the sound educational foundation needed to have a clear understanding of the vast laws instituted in the state in which they practice. In some cases and for some people knowledge is a far more valuable asset than passion.

Passion for a subject fuels the desire for people to learn and ultimately leads to high quality job performance as well as gratification and self fulfillment. Concrete Detail – relevant evidence that is researched. Commentary sentence which is my logical reasoning. Commentary – interpretation & analysis of my CD. Concrete detail. Commentary sentence. Commentary sentence. Passion is the inner burning desire which motivates ordinary people to become extraordinary, what is your passion?

Passion Is an Important Part Of Job essay

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