Obtaining A Paramedic License

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I go to ELCO high school and moved to Elco my 8th-grade year and before I moved to Elco i went to Lebanon middle school and went to harding elementrySomethings you might want to know is l have a brother named Jonathan.l also have a very large family who might be a little crazy Something I always wanted to do growing up is help people which is whyi chose a health carerr which lead me into this class. One warning my friends and family may consider me a little crazy and unique. One thing that stands out about me is i collect cows.But l have a few dislikes to one big one is the color pink.l also dislike drama and anyone talking behind my back.

I am a very strong person and I am very easy to talk to. One of my major strengths are i am good at hands-on things. One major weakness is math.But sometimes I am a very weak person one way is im a very emotional person, things upset me very easi/yOne person who has always kept me strong has been my father because no matter how tough things got he has always stayed strong an supported me with anything I needed. Which is why has my role model. lm a pretty easy person to get along with. l have a boyfriend of almost 8 months who has been my best friend since last September. One thing you might want to know is i get very nervous when taking test or quizes so i may take alittle longer. Im a good reader if lm interested in what im reading.

spend alot of time at home with my family but have been looking for a job. My family is a big thing with me. But one thing lm worried about in the class is that im going to have lots of homework so i wont have as much time with my family. I hope lpass this class an im able to get my medical assistant’s license so im able to work side by side of my stepmom at fassonic homes in Elizabeth town or with my mom at the VA where my mom works as a housekeeper. One thing you might want to know is l have tentinitouse in both of my knees so when im standing for a while they might get sore so lmight need to sit down after a while. lam so excited to be in the class an hoping to pass so i can do something ill life for is that can help people.

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