Reason Why College Education Important to Me

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My mom immigrated to the U.S from Mexico before I was born and came with one dream, the American Dream. My mother wanted a better life for her future children and did whatever she could to make this happen, because of this I know that college was just the next step in my education and not something I was forced to do. Migration, Immediate family and the school district I was in is what influenced me to go to college.

Growing up I never really heard about college or grew up cheering on a team that my mom is an alumni to because she did not go to a four-year university. My mom always told me that my education was important and made sure I was hanging out with the right people but I never really understood why at the time. Even when we moved the summer going into my sixth-grade year and I remember her saying “ I want my daughters to stay in the 204 district”. My mom wanted us to be successful.

I never really knew what was college was until my older sister graduated high school and my mom was so proud, “the first in our family to graduate high school” and then again when she graduated nursing school “The first in our family to graduate college” I remember her crying tears of joy, all her sacrifice and struggle for this moment she wanted for her daughter. This was then my motivation, I looked into colleges and continued to study hard and when I graduated high school the tears streamed down again from my mom. I never really understood why she was crying, “highschool wasn’t that hard” I would think to myself. However, now I realize my privilege.

My mom made sure we were in a school district that not only prepared me for college but to make sure we would graduate. According to the Public School Review, Waubonsie Valley has a 97% graduation rate and I now realize how good that is when looking at the school nearby in a different district with a 78% graduation rate. My mom never graduate high school and my stepdad had to leave school to work in Mexico, because of this, my mom had to get her GED. I believe My mom never guilted me into going to college, I just simply understand all that she sacrificed into making this possible for my sisters and me so why wouldn’t I take this opportunity? This is simply my thank you. Going to community college was something I chose because of cost, I was not comfortable taking out a huge loan that I did not need to take. My mother also influenced my stay in state because I did not want to leave her just yet. I also knew my anxiety was not the best when I left high school so staying for two more years to sort of dip my toes in the water of college was something that I am very proud of myself for doing.

My education is important to me because of my mom. I understand the privilege I have by being born in the U.S instead of Mexico and how different my life would be. I would not be able to do all I would want to do and be able to study what I choose. I do this all for as a thank you to my mom.

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