South or North of the Border: Vacation in Mexico and Canada

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Vacations are great ways to spend time with family or to get away from the world and find your own peace of mind. When choosing a vacation, many factors can affect your choice of location. Many people choose to travel to a far away European country, but those can be costly and the strain of long travel can ruin the experience. A cheaper and less time consuming option can be the beautiful countries of Mexico and Canada. Both Mexico and Canada are great vacation spots because of their great climates, grand tourist attractions, and countless historical structures.

Perhaps the deciding factor between any vacation spot is climate. While both are enjoyable, it comes down to preference for most. Mexico has a warmer climate due to its closer proximity to the equator. In Cancun, one of the more popular vacation spots in the country, the average annual temperature ranges from 73°F to 89°F (Current Results). This warm climate makes it a perfect vacation spot for the beach and outdoor activities. Traveling up north, the temperature sees a drastic drop. The climate gets exponentially colder in Canada compared to Mexico. The annual temperature ranges from 6℉ to 78℉ in Quebec (WeatherSpark). If you like the cold, a trip to Canada would be the perfect vacation getaway for you. Despite the drastic differences in temperatures, oth climates make for a vast array of activities you can do.

Another reason why Mexico and Canada are both great vacation spots are the many attractions that are available to do during your time there. Mexico contains beautiful beaches with bright blue waters, great hiking spots and a vibrant atmosphere full of loud and easy going people. Restaurants like Lorenzillo’s provide a great option for seafood cuisine, and other fine dining establishments like Rosa Negra offer you a great dining experience and all while enjoying the view of the ocean. Party life in Mexico is never ending, with Cancun being known for its vibrant nightlife along with its infamy for a prime college student spring break location.

On the other hand, Canada, with its colder climate, has completely different activities to do. You can spend your time sledding or eating at the restaurant Alo, a world renowned restaurant, earning a top 100 spot in the world’s best restaurants (Montreal Gazette). You can visit the beautiful Niagara Falls or the stunning Rocky Mountains along with other national parks and recreation centers. Canada has these beautiful natural landscapes which make great stops for peaceful sight seeing or a survivalistic fishing or camping trip. The number of great activities to do make these countries a fun and exciting spot to travel to. Not to mention the beautiful architecture in both countries.

A great and educational reason to visit these countries is the historical insight you can gain with its beautiful and traditional architecture. Mexico was the home of the Aztecs and they built marvelous architecture in their cities. You can take a tour of the pyramids of Teotihuacan to see the history of Mexico, or take a tour of the more modern Mexico City as well. Monuments of historical figures liter the city, displaying its proud heritage. Going north, the city of Quebec in Canada has a district known as Old Quebec. The district has buildings following the French style of architecture, giving you a taste of the European country without the need to travel overseas. The district is home to the Notre-Dame-de-Québec Basilica-Cathedral, which has been standing in the same location since 1647 (Quebec Region)

The hard workload of school and our jobs creates the necessity for vacations to relax and enjoy our time and company with family. When choosing a vacation spot there are many factors to consider. On a lower budget, a trip north or south of the border can prove to be a better investment as it decreases the spending on travel and time required. Mexico and Canada are great vacation spots because of their respective climates, grand attractions, and historical architecture. When choosing your next vacation spot, consider these two countries as you decide where to unwind and relax.

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