Negative Impact of Immigration Reform in America

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Is immigration reform necessary as a solution to America’s economic and illegal immigrants in America? The economic emergency has captured the attention of the Government and the American public, but immigration reform should not be forgotten. “The legislation effort of 2007 failed but Americans should not let it fade from the public eye.” (Davidson) It is difficult for illegal workers to release validation processes and larger companies’ programs, and infinitely more so in the current economic situation. However, throughout the past few years, there has been an influx of illegal immigrants that a lot of people view as a threat to the sovereignty of the nation. New Immigration policy should be put in place to help bring in more jobs, fill skills gaps in society, and contribute to Americans economy.

Agricultural workers and those who entered as “children should also be eligible for the Immigration reform.” (Camarota) Another thing that could be done is to have a startup “visa for immigrants.” (Davidson) Who wants to come to U.S and start a business, if their business does grow further and is successful, they should then have the option to stay permanently. However, some visa holders might overstay in the united states and this is a crime that a lot of people who come to visit the U.S make. This will offer a process and a way to control the number of people coming into the country. With a new Immigration policy immigrant will have wait for a legal process to become citizens, in order to stay longer in the United States.

Some of these immigrants are good people, who want to go to colleges, universities, or get any “certification or diploma in the field that they like, to make any contribution to this country.” (Davidson) Some Americans might argue that illegal immigrants are a threat to lower-income Americans. In the meantime, immigrants comprehend the demand of labor for low wages the more illegal immigrants take on jobs for lower salaries, the more wages go down. “Accepting illegal immigrants does have its advantage.” (Davidson) They take jobs most residents of this country are unwilling to take. These immigrants are hard workers, provide an immigration reform and stay in the country to start a new life. In November 2017, an article named “Argument for Illegal Immigration.” (Biden) Stated that Immigrants offer good effects on the U.S. economy and society.

According to the article, “immigration, over the Southern border, can be a good thing for the economy.” (Chantrill) Even though some Americans might agree that illegal immigration has its benefits, these benefits are outweighed by the disadvantages. Other American might argue that The United States should put more money into security to patrol or borders programs because illegal immigration is more harmful than it is beneficial not only to the country but also to the citizens of the United States. Immigrants must be allowed to cross the borders if they are seeking asylum. (Camarota) Supporters of immigration Reform act argue that undocumented immigrants help the economy whenever they pay taxes into the system and don’t get back anything since they are ineligible for most public benefits. Nevertheless, immigrants are taking less than they give to our economy. ‘The Center for Immigration Studies reported in 2017.” (Davidson) Households headed by illegal aliens imposed more than $36.3 billion in costs on the federal government.

All things consider, there are many issues that display how immigration affects the economy positively. There are those who may argue with this idea, using the Reform act for immigrant or typical fallacies as evidence. These individuals look towards immigration as something to fear, believing that immigrants are solely hearing to take from the economy. However, these ideas can be countered as stated before. Overall, immigration spreads positive effects on the U.S. economy. A new Immigration reform should be put in place to help bring in more jobs, fill skills gaps in society, and contribute to Americans economy. There is no stealing involved. With this topic, it is truly a matter of looking at an outstanding picture, which shows the influential properties of immigration. Not only this but also with a vast number of programs coming into play, it will make any work environment better-suited and productive. It is in that immigration is should be welcomed into the country, in order to develop and a happier and healthier economy.

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