Negative Effects of Illegal Immigration

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Illegal immigration is a highly controversial topic since the most recent presidential election. This is the act of living in a country without federal government permission, thus violating American immigration policies and laws by remaining here without authorization. This may also include immigrants that stay beyond the termination date of their visas.

Visas are sometimes obtained fraudulently, with the full intent to overstay them before they even arrive to our country. There are a few alternative ways immigrants may plan to illegally become residents of the United States. This is typically seen in non-citizens that live in border towns, and cross the U.S. border to birth their children. By doing so, their children automatically become U.S. citizens, and the parents are then eligible to become citizens through their children.
I first decided to discuss the negative effects of illegal immigration, and follow with some benefits they provide to our society. There are many damaging effects of illegal immigration in the American society as well as the economy.

Therefore, America has existing immigration and border laws designed to protect our citizens. Some issues associated with illegal immigration are lost jobs, depreciated wages, stolen taxpayer resources, and increased numbers of crimes and domestic terrorism. Each of these problems troubles us as Americans in many ways. The costs of illegal immigration to the taxpayer are high, but the largest costs are the education of their children, medical care that may be emergent, and the incarceration of immigrants arrested in the U.S. for committing crimes.

Although there are several million-eligible people waiting to be legally admitted as immigrants to our country, some being on the list for many years waiting for limited visas to become available to them, they are unable to obtain visas due to the limited number available. Despite an immigrant being ineligible for resources, some illegal immigrants also obtain welfare the same way they get jobs. This is done with identity documents falsely identifying them as U.S. citizens. There are many mixed emotions with the current plan to build the border wall.

Not all immigrants are dangerous and looking to commit crimes, or have any intent to cause harm to our society. Being so, there are many citizens who are supportive of immigration, and providing them with resources to obtain legal citizenship. Immigrants provide our country with culture, and provide several additional economic benefits. They come to the U.S. willing to work and further their education, sharing insight and ideas that are beneficial to our ecomony. Many countries do not have the resources for these people who are struggling to obtain their goals and chase their dreams. Without immigrants, our economy would be less dynamic and productive. They are here to generate new products, innovation, and input their fresh ideas.

The dangers of illegal immigration are the crimes that immigrants commit while here in America. There are many unregistered weapons available to citizens of our own, and in the hands of immigrants. Some immigrants resort to selling drugs, laundering money, and joining gangs. Many immigrants underestimate the hardship that comes with living in the states, which is why they will do whatever they need to provide and make it. It is always saddening to read an article stating that an innocent American was killed, either intentionally or not, by an illegal immigrant. This being one more death to our American citizens that should’ve never have happened in the first place.

To add to the dangers, Mexican drug cartel are finding new sources of labor to utilize illegal immigrants, and have them backpack drugs and weapons into the U.S. Many of these immigrants arrive at the border and are ready to cross looking for work, only to be met by the cartel, which threaten to kill them and their families if they don’t comply. This problem has gotten out of control, and it is worrisome to think of the power that the cartel holds. Many Americans focus on the negative aspects of immigration, rather than considering the situation as a whole.


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