Nationalism against Globalization

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While I accept that schools should teach children to become global citizens, I believe that instilling nationalism should not be abolished completely. I am of the opinion that it is essential for people to understand the importance of globalization due to various wonderful chances it may bring. First and foremost, global integration enables people to move across borders to different parts of the world in order to acquire better education or set up business. In fact, not only the human travel around but also the flow of technology and culture, making the work more and more resembling a global village. This opens up international access for people from all walks of life to enhance the quality of goods and services.

Secondly, the barriers among various cultures will be eliminated once travelers move here and there across the continents. As a result, people may become more broad-minded and comfortable towards guests from other regions. This also helps to create a close bond among nations. And the more people get to know each other, the longer we can live in peace. Thirdly, with the rise in globalization, companies from developed countries can make use of the workforce in developing countries and reduce the rate of unemployment where they reside. More and more famous companies like Facebook, Google, Toyota,.. now have the freedom to operate in other countries and people are offered an opportunity to be a part of such companies.

However, I believe that there is no need to stop instilling nationalism at school. Nationalism is an ideology and movement of a country with a view to holding the pride of one’s hometown identity, based on social features like culture. language, religion, politics,… Historically, human have had an attachment to their kinship, territory and homeland. Nationalism has been a driving force in many wars towards independence. For example, the Greek Revolution, the Irish Revolution, the Zionist movement took place and then created modern Israel, and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Nationalism can be associated with patriots throughout the history. For instance, many people like Tran Dai Nghia felt it was was their patriotic duty to support the country against the enemies so they left behind their families, lovers, luxurious life to join the army and many fierce frontline battles. Therefore; if schools are negligent in instilling nationalism, who will voluntarily sacrifice their own personal benefits for the sake of a country?

In these days, there are more and more students who have an intention of studying abroad as a consequence of globalization. Unfortunately, some of them seems to thoughtlessly look down on their hometown’s weaknesses and compare it with the modern life of the country they are residing. What makes the matter worse is the fact that the number of talented people leaving their countries behind and going abroad for better life is higher than ever. Low awareness of national identity results may loosen the bond between an individual and their homeland; so they do not understand or treasure it like their ancestors. If all the next generations are following the trend like that, there will be no one left but the olds who truly love their countries, even its shortcomings and the collapse of a country is unavoidable.

In conclusion, becoming global citizens is necessary but it is a bad idea to remove nationalism from school.

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