My Short Term Goals

Updated May 12, 2021

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My Short Term Goals essay

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I pick this title for my essay because I do believe that everybody needs some commitments with themselves to become who they want to be at any given point of their life and careers. We can not achieve anything in our life by just go through the motion of doing something. We have to map out our goals, no matter what they are. In this essay I am going to describe about my short-term goals that would be helpful for me to achieve the goal of my life.

Goals determine where I am going to go in life. I set up few short-term goals that I would like to get them done by the end of this year because I know that they are very helpful for me to be there where I want to be in my life. I plan to accomplish my goal of being a RCMP officer by looking at my fitness, taking time to work on self development and planning of my financial spending. I choose these three different aspects of my life where I suppose to improve upon. I will explain them in the upcoming paragraphs like how they will be helpful for me to get closer to my life goal.

First of all, I set fitness goals for me because this is the toughest places to improve but that will have the longest lasting benefits. I do some commitments with me to get a good body shape by the end of this year. Firstly, I am trying to make me to go to gym regularly by doing some new experiments like buy a gym membership and get a personal trainer. They will force me to go there because I paid for them and it makes more sense for me to go there.

Secondly, I set up a work out routine for me. I set a monthly weight loss goal and cardio goals that would be really helpful for me to keep focus on my work because I have to achieve them by the end of this year. Lastly, I do some research about what would be helpful to keep us focus and energetic. So, I find a way to motivate myself while working out. I buy some mp3 players and books on tape that are helpful for me to distract myself when I feel so tired. Moreover, I also buy a new pair of shoes and couple of workout fits. I think they really work for me to boost my energy up to extreme level because I love to wear new clothes.

I consider my second short-term goal is work on myself. Mastering this part of my life will affect on me and my loved ones. This is the most personal goal for me because it is important to work on our self. I am trying to make myself better by doing some changes in my life. Firstly, I am trying to eat better and healthy as much as I can. I will set up a schedule for each meal and avoid the fast food that will be helpful for me to get all that nutrition that my body needs. I will also visit to the doctor for checkup more often just to keep an eye on my body.

Moreover, read the books or other knowledgeable material will also helpful to enhance the quality of my life and to stay away from the negativity. So, I am trying to read more. Additionally, stay away from the stress situation is also very affectable to get improve in our self. To do this, I’ll try to avoid as many conflicts as I can and spend my crucial time with my family or friends. By doing this, I can distract my mind from that type of negative situation.

Last but not least, I believe that our financial situations also matter a lot in our life. Realizing our means and having finance in order is tough to do but will eliminate a lot of stress from our life. This part of my goal is difficult for me to keep control on it. So, I set up some financial goals to keep control on my spending. I make a daily, weekly and monthly budget for myself just to make sure that where my money is going in actual. From now, I also prefer most of the automatic services to pay the bills that is really helpful for to avoid the delays.

Moreover, I will try to cut out the unnecessary spending and just make sure I have money coming in like have specific source of making money like job or maybe something else. Therefore, it helps me to live with in my means. After that, I also think to visit to the investment advisor. It helps get advice from the investment advisor to eliminate any debt that may I have or just to discuss about the advantage of my bank may offer to their customers.

As I choose some short-term goals like fitness, personal development and financial. Those are important area where everybody has to do more efforts and time to accomplish them. Even the short-term goals are not only to improve myself but in actual those goals are helpful to achieve the loftier goal of my life. I can say, a big picture starts to fall into pieces. I can take care of something big that I have been wanting to accomplish by set up the short-term goals.

One main reason to set those all goals is my strange madness for RCMP. I am totally crazy to get their uniform and I think set up the short-term goals are very helpful to put me closer to the goal of my life. There is no doubt that there will be a few bumps in my road, but this would never stop me to try my hardest. As I do believe that we should dream big and do not be afraid to take the risk. We need to do work to make our goals real instead of hoping for that.

My Short Term Goals essay

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