My Future Career Goals

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A career is an important occupation in someone’s life. It has to be something you love, because your not doing it just for a reward.. At this stage in life, it should be thought about what career you would want to pursue because you would want to pick the career and then achieve the goals you have to make to acquire it. The career I decided to research that interests me is being a Registered Nurse or “Rn”. I’m interested in this career because I feel like I’m a compassionate person that would easily suit this job and I always wanted to work in the medical field. A Registered Nurse is a nurse who has moved on from a nursing program and met the necessities laid out by a nation, state, are or comparable permitting body to acquire a nursing license. This Research paper will further explain how I have come to this decision.

For starters, the education required for this career is to have at least a 2 year degree in Bachelors and College level training. Other requirements for this career would be things such as: compassion, proper education, and confidence. The entry level salary ranges from $66,610-$70,000. The Mid level salary ranges from $75,285- $89,321. Lastly, the senior level salary ranges from 90,000- $100,000. Advancement opportunities for Mid Level include having an advancement in position and salary. The years of experience for this would be around 8 years. Advancement opportunities for Senior Level is being in a higher position along with higher salary. This all will most likely take up over 15 years of experience. The jobs located for this career are located everywhere in the U.S.

Day to day responsibilities and tasks would be to preform diagnostic tests and analyzing results, operating machinery, and recording patients symptoms/ medical records. Some extra responsibilities I might encounter for this career is to educate animals and other individuals about many medical conditions and to also give emotional support and tips to families along with their patients. You would need a diploma and an associates/bachelors degree in science of nursing. An individual could go to a High School that has a nursing program as a class for students to take to get experience of this career. Also, Western Carolina University, Cambridge Health, Southwestern College, Keiser University and etc.

The Majority of these jobs are located in: California, Texas, Florida, New York, Ohio, Illinois, and New Jersey. Also, registered nurses are in high demand everywhere.

This map shows how registered nurses are in hinge demand all across the U.S. For a registered nurse to afford living in a city in Florida on a starting salary would be quite rough because it would be hard for them to use that plus their daily expenses. But you will end up getting through with it. Some of the benefits from this career would be to help benefit patients from some of there current conditions and the career flexibility. Nurses can enjoy their grown rate by securing challenging positions. Hazards associated with this career would be: Nurses being exposed to diseases, toxic substances, and etc. They’re also vulnerable to conflicts such as stress, shift work, and violence.

In conclusion, my ultimate career goal is to make sure that I have a decent job toto keep me stable, financially. The first thing I have to make sure that I do when I have my first job in the career is that I work hard and take on giving care to individuals, families, and communities. In addition to school, I need to make sure that I’m staying focused, obtaining field experience, getting licensed, focusing on my budget, and being prepared for anything. In High school, I need to make sure that I am maintaining good grades, having a decent GPA, being confident, volunteer, staying positive. During the summer, I will make sure I am being committed to volunteering at places for experience which will help me achieve those goals for High school. In College, I need to Find the career major, be patient, plan ahead, be informed, and also stay positive. I will try as much as possible to complete all of these goals to accomplish my goals for college. As of now, I’m in High school and I haven’t accomplished anything yet.


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