My Experience with Romantic Love

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I remember walking in my junior year of high school, I walked in having no hopes to experience nor find intimate love during my high school years. It was simply that I could not feel it up until this year of high school and I found everyone quite boring and thought at the time, that I was the only one that thought what I was thinking, that loves not real and there’s no such thing as love. Alas that all changed when I walked into the 6th period having not a single clue about the girl of my dreams right behind me. Until one day I ended up talking to her out of sheer boredom and asked her for a pencil and on that day I think that it was her big brown eyes is what saved me from my loneliness, we talked for 2 hours straight about the world, drugs, suicide, music and even sexual intercourse and what our perspective of those things was and how we experienced them, after that I never forgot about her.

Now is love real or is it just an illusion? Love is just a chemical action in your brain that wants to make you breed giving us strong urges like sexual attraction over time. Romantic love is not just an emotion but rather, a whole motivational system with a rewarding drive to get you to stick with that person, I think love is real because It makes you a brighter person and happier, Love makes you feel as if you can do anything , and Humans today will feel a strong human connection to another person intimately

I think love is real because it makes you a happier and brighter person because it says in (source) that love fights stress and in today’s society Americans feel 44% more stressed than they did five years ago. There are so many benefits to being in love that it puts you in a better mood and increases oxytocin levels that help reduce anxiety and stress and too much stress can help in medical problems that include headaches, sexual dysfunction, and problems sleeping. Love in many ways is something special to us humans and many other animals that live in this small world called earth.

Falling in love makes you feel infinite and empowered like you can do anything like and having proclaimed that this experience of falling in love this the kind of delusion which not in any way represents true passion, let me state by changing into side and pointing out that falling in love is in fact very, Very just about true love. So, the idea that falling in love in the form of passion is so powerful just because it contains the seed of truth. This experience of true passion and when we expand our boundaries through passion, we do so by reaching out, then to speak, toward the beloved, whose development we want to sustain. For us to be able to do that, that dear entity must firstly turn into dear to us; put differently, we must be drawn toward, put at and committed to an object outside of ourselves, beyond the boundaries of self.

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