My Career and Life Goals

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Imagine not being able to run, not because you are paralyzed or because you don’t want to, but because your body won’t allow you to. Imagine being told how many days you have to live just because one organ is beginning to deteriorate. I say imagine because individuals without heart failure or heart disease do not have the ability to understand how an individual with heart disease or heart failure feels. The motivation behind me, to become a healthcare professional specify, a cardiac surgeon, was not only being a victim to see my grandmother suffering from heart failure but also my shared passion to allow individuals to feel the breeze run through their follicles as they run against the wind, let their minds wander, and release their stress.

Like any other individual, when something bad happens in your life you ask yourself the question “why”?why did this happen to me? Not knowing it could happen to any individual. For example, right now heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women and the way many Americans live their lives such as an unbalanced meal of nutrients makes many individuals prone to heart failure. Many individuals acknowledge this fact but do nothing to prevent the occurrence of this fact. After my grandmother’s death, I began to wonder what could happen to our health care system if prevention was emphasized and people were given the interventions needed to solve their health issues and maintain a healthier life. I wonder what I could do to be a part of the solution that includes multiple methods for treating and preventing heart diseases, which has helped establish my values, life goals, and career goals.

Our heart is an intriguing organ that we can never truly know everything about. This is why being a cardiovascular surgeon will allow me to be in a profession where I can be a lifetime-learner. To eventually attain this long term goal, I am fully aware that I need to get a higher education and that becoming a cardiac surgeon will take a lot of discipline, hard work, and schooling. On my own accord, to ensure that I am successful and prepared for my future goals I have prepared myself for my future goal by engaging in my high school’s health academy program at my school that allows me to get an early start on the anatomy and physiology of the human body and I often volunteer at University Hospital and Clinics, a local hospital in my community that a lot me to become adapted to the environment and get hands-on experiences with my future goals.

Aside from my career goal, one of my ultimate long term life goals is to start my a charity that promotes awareness about heart diseases and possibly be able to give back to my community by creating my own scholarship foundation so I can be able to fund deserving student and their educational goals. Receiving the LSU Board of Supervisor Scholarship will not only relieve me of the financial burdens that come with getting a higher education but it will also have such a profound impact on my academic career and life goals.

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