Migration and Education

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One of the most important events of Under the labor Government 1997-2010 was relative changes in immigration policy which easily accesses. undoubtedly migration became a phenomenon not strange in the UK. That led impacts of migration to several aspects including education. In conjunction with the country vote to leave the EU; there has been growing concerns to examine the effects of migration on compulsory education in British state schools. In spite of the upward trend in birth rates since 2002, there was little effective studies emphasis on numbers of bilingual students in-state school with low achievement and social problems. Therefore, economic pressures increasing as a confirmed result. This essay will discuss the effects of migration to primary and secondary state schools in the United Kingdom, and evaluate possible solutions.

Firstly, the current scale of immigration, the recent migration statistics according to the British statistics website maintain that net migration to the UK was 273,000 in the ending of 2018. undoubtedly providing high-quality education is extremely difficult. That one of the migration effects on students which may seem to lack records, previous assessments, and low academic achievement. principally a need language support. children of migrants consider English as an additional language which produces difficulties in pursuit of the educational progress of students. This is indicated by the Minister for Immigration Damian Green argued: ‘The number of pupils with English as a second language makes life difficult for teachers, parents, and pupils. Whether or not they can speak English, everyone suffers when it’s more difficult for teachers in the classroom. This is also a huge pressure on local authorities trying to cope with uncontrolled immigration’.(George et al., 2011, P. 21) consequently, the necessary needs for providing language support to achieve an excellent education.

Another point is UK organisation concern to the level of immigration extra costs influence owing to Focuses specifically English language needs and run teaching assistants to improve student performance and minimize pressure on teaching staff. According to (home office, 2013) In January 2012, it was estimated that 17.5% and 12.9% of children in England had a language other than English in primary and secondary schools financed by the state. In addition, the imbalance that occurs after estimating the school budget as the number of immigrant students is not predictable in advance which increases the financial burden. If net migration is assumed to be zero for future population estimates, public schools will be around 17,500 fewer pupils in 2015. Because of the rising birth rate trend since 2002 (George et al., 2011), This indicates strongly linked to the relationship between immigration and an increase in the number of students in compulsory education with an increase in financial cost.

Also, there are might flaw social problems between migrant students and others classmate in UK state schools, for instance, racism, communication and bullying behavior. By referring several references to racism in schools which control the ethnic background the interaction between students and immigrant families with others on standard white background. (George et al., 2011). So, may occur Problems based on cultural differences and the individual’s possible trauma. As (Arnot et al., 2014) argued Some children who come from war-torn countries need psychological help. Due to language barriers. As a result, some students had strong feelings of bleakness.

Even though, many proponents have suggested solutions to education reform as (Arnot et al., 2014) claim that successful solutions such as a triangle depend on interconnections between educational achievement, language development, and social integration. Nevertheless, it is vital to raise achievement by increase motivation for students and finding incentives such as competitions and awards within the school and at the local level. focus on raising the achievement and vast understanding of these needs by their educators. moreover, provision teaching from reliable sustainable sources at low cost through demand to running specialist teaching assistant for bilingual groups by councils during Saturdays rather than an extra class in each school to improve the performance of the faculty and reduce the cost significantly. Also, encouraging volunteers from university students and retired to contribute and develop English. Moreover, It is great for the government to invest funds in the availability of technology as online educational services, including videos and activities to develop English language learning for bilingual learners. Acts workshops and publications to promote the principle of respect for difference, rejection of racism and acknowledging diversity.

in practice to some extent, implementing these sustainable solutions combined at the same time will avoid negative impacts, reduce financial costs, and conduct various benefits, for example raising academic achievement for students will contribute to a high assessment of reputation Britain education and high competition with other countries. In addition, the rise in knowledge as develop language skills will be reflected in the economic profits when these generations into the business market. On other hands, there are studies show a positive effect on school and children of migrants because, in many cases, they originate from countries where English is the official language. That Scientific studies by the the Institute for Public Policy Research show that ethnic students exceed the national average (Unicef-irc.org, 2009). However, there are disadvantages to implementing these solutions, for instance, the need for qualified volunteers, technologists for programming and the cost of technology which need a specific budget and a particular expertise, although that, encouraging the principles of sustainable welfare such as volunteering in education, combating racism, and awareness against bullying will make society effective and successful.

To conclude, the relationship between immigration and an increase in the number of students in primary and secondary education is directly linked to certainly increase in financial budget. This is due to the main issue is language barriers which several studies focus on bilingual students in UK schools with low achievement and social problems noticeably there was little achieved only minor amendments to providing excellent education and to address the financial cost of migration. This essay has been discussed the effects of levels immigration implies a serious flaw on compulsory education in British state schools. it would be that the overall increase in knowledge as developing English language learning skills will be reflected in global economic profits. Perhaps from priorities adopt expert suggestion and maintain frugal sustainable approach as many as possible could resolve the consequences that make a difference in state schools.


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