Memory and Forgetting Process

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Memory as known human memory is an active system that received, stores, organizes, alters and the last is recover for information. Actually, memory was divide with two stages such as short term memory and long term memory. In the short term memory, we can see it is a stores small amount of information such as when you dial a phone number or briefly remember a shopping list, you are actually using that. For the long term memory , we can say that is unlimited capacity such as we can remember about the date of independence. There are many reasons why we tend to forget something.

The first causes why we forget the information is failure of encoding. That’s mean we did not pay attention to material. Actually, encoding failure is refers to the brains’s occasional failure to create a memory link. In addition, encoding failure also refers to a situation in which information is does not enter the brain’s long term memory. In this case, the brain simply does not store all the information a person sees. For an example of encoding failure is when your lecturer tells something in class and then after a few minutes you cannot remember about that. So, encoding failure to store the information, causes the person not to recall that detail.

Besides that, a decay also the causes why we forget the information. As we know a decay means we can loss of information through nonuse. We will become forgetful when our memory trace is lacking. This happens because of physical changes that take place in the brain when new material is learned. Memory trace also that memory appears to be spread over several areas of brain rather than being sequestered in one area. For example, psychologists perform surgery on the rat brain. After the surgery the rat didn’t care about the surgery on his brain because he thought it was just his past.

Last but not least, the causes why we forget the information is proactive and retroactive interference. Proactive interference means information learned earlier disrupts the recall of newer material which is progresses in time. For example proactive interference is women who once they get married and change their last name sometimes tend to say their previous last name without thinking about it. While retroactive interference means materials that was learned later disrupts the retrieval of information that was learned earlier which is retrogresses in time. For example is when a student remembers better what he learned at the end of the school year in comparison to the beginning of the school year.

In conclusion, the brain plays an important role in remembering something because the brain can control our actions. Sometimes, we don’t remember something because we think it’s not important to us. However, there are also other factors that may cause us to remember something like amnesia.

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