Media Effect on People

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The purpose of media is to provide programs and services that inform, educate, enlighten and enrich the public but, that does not mean that media is always helpful and good for people. As everything, media has positive and negative impact on people, it has a huge impact on our mental health. Sitting mindlessly and scrolling through our social media feeds is becoming an addiction, which is one of the worst things a person can do to himself and it is not the best habit when it comes to collective psychology.

A lot of academies warned about the negative effects of social media on kids and teenagers, as they are at that age where they need someone to guide them to the right path, they should find their habits and know their skills and work on it, unlike adults they know very well the bad effects of media and they know when they should use it and when they should keep it away. One of the viral and common negative effect is cyberbullying, which is available in all social media, it is pretty damaging in all ways and not good for mental well beings. The more we use social media, the less happy we seem to be, few years ago, “Instagram” a famous application where people share only photos, made a challenge called ‘One hundred happy days’.

The rules of this challenge were to post everyday about happy moments in your life, happy moments in one hundred days, how can a person stay happy for one hundred days? It is strange isn’t it? Nobody in this world can stay happy for this long period without facing any stress or anxiety or even daily life problems. This challenge had a very bad impact on people, as people were divided into two halves, the first one was people posting every day and using the hashtag one hundred happy days, the other half were watching in silence and pain. They kept on asking themselves is it real that people have fun every day and face no problems?

The answer is no, media shows us a very small part of the truth, you never know what is happening behind that photo, you will never know more than what a person wants you to know and comparing our lives with others is mentally unhealthy, we all fall in this trap. Another trap we can all fall in, is thinking that having more friends on media means that we are more social, it is never by the huge number of friends a person can have. Self- esteem is also one of the negative impacts of social media on people especially on women, as it is mentioned before, not all what is posted on social media is true, most of the photos are photo shopped and filtered, that make women compare themselves to these posts, this kind photos may lead to insecurity and the feeling of being unattractive, which is a real problem for women.

Relationships built on social media only are never true, they lose the feeling of safety and trust, real relationships must not be through a mobile or a computer, your feelings are never expressed by words, actions are needed, a misunderstanding can end a relationship, and that is all because of the misunderstanding. On the other hand, social media has a positive impact on people as it provides old people a great opportunity to communicate, especially for old parents that live away from their kids, or old people that have no family or friends, they can easily get to know new friends.

Also, it helped students to learn essential job skills, they learn how to use media responsibly, learn to think twice before posting anything. Social media helps in making studying groups, it is somehow hard for students to study alone so to make it easier for them, studying groups were created and it is the most helpful tool of studying throughout the years. It is also a way of communication for students who study outside their country, they can video call their families and friends. A good use of media is spreading social awareness and kindness, making people feel confident about themselves which is missing nowadays.

Individuals express their tendency by making and reproducing an association which guides and controls their conduct from numerous points of view. This connotation frees and constrains the movements of men, sets up norms to pursue. Whatever the flaws and cruel governments it has exposed in human history, it is important state of gratification of life. This association which is liable for satisfaction of life of each individual is called society. Male in all general community has skilled either issues.

Men in present day community orders are moreover challenging different topics and his behavior gets influenced by many things, media is one of them. Media is the plural of the term average. Media are the vehicles or stations which are used to pass on data, inspiration, news, instruction, or limited time messages are dispersed. Media joins each communicating and narrowcasting medium, for example, TV, radio, papers, announcements, sends, phone, web and so forth (principle methods for mass equivalence).

The wide infrastructures include a high extent of our entertainment time: individuals go through, by and large, and they furthermore learn time for radio, film, magazines and newspapers . For youths, sitting in front of the TV takes up a analogous measure of time to that went through at school or with loved ones. While school, home and companions are altogether recognized as major mingling impacts on kids, an enormous discussion encompasses the potential impacts of the broad communications and discoveries both in support and against impacts are questionable.

The topic of influences is normally raised with a criticalness getting from an open as different to a educational inspiration and with an effortlessness which is unseemly to the multifaceted nature of the issue (people do not ask of other social impacts , what is the impact of guardians on youngsters or do schools have an impact which sums up to the home or do companions have positive or negative impacts). The plausibility of media impacts is regularly observed to challenge singular regard and self-Sufficiency, a pro-effects see believes in the common population to be a naive mass , social imbeciles , immobilized against an religious subcutaneous needle , and as though TV was being planned as the sole reason for an opportunity of social performs.

Such a typecast viewpoint on explore will in over-all represent a similarly labeled elective standpoint on imaginative and educated viewers settling on normal decisions about what to see. Review articles frequently depict a past filled with progress over the previous seventy years of research which switches back and forth between these two limits – first we had faith in amazing impacts, at that point came the contention for invalid impacts , at that point the arrival to solid impacts and so on a history whose logical inconsistencies become obvious when old research is re-perused with new eyes (mehraj, 2014).

Contemporary media contemplates now and again characterize itself through its dismissal of the language of impacts look into – reprimanding the research center explore, the rationale of causal deduction, and mental reductionism. The broad communications for youngsters, sitting in front of the TV takes up a comparable measure of time to that is gone when at school or when gathering with the loved ones. Schools, houses and associates are altogether described as the major thing that effects the kids, an enormous discussion covered the potential influences of communicating with questioning both the positive and the negative impacts.

These impacts are ordinarily increasing accompanied by criticalness getting from an open as opposed to an educational motivation along with an effortlessness that is unseemly multifaceted nature of the problem (people do not ask of other social impacts, what is the impact of guardians on youngsters or how does the school influence young kids or does the companions effect the kids negatively or positively). It shows what influence is on society from social media whether it is positive or negative.

It is said that significant lump of youth is using online networking media about 5 to 6 hours a day coming in decreasing their health when all is said in done and emotional well-being specifically. The Media plays both useful and dangerous roles nowadays, even though it has too many favorable jobs, it does a lot of things that threatens the society but the individuals choose which one to utilize (bhat, 2014).


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