Mass Culture and Capitalism

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From the days of war for language, to the days war for independence and with great history today we know the country as Bangladesh. The fundamental structure to be a socialist country which changed into a country having more opportunities as a free market. Many companies and export industry have helped the country to be well known for its good quality clothing products. Government known for giving more attention to make the country structure as capitalism. The most population is from Muslim religion but other than that Buddhism, Hinduism and Christian is also a part of this country.

The brand or clothing store which I will be discussing in my essay is Aarong. This is a well renowned clothing store in Bangladesh which is holding Bangladeshi cultural clothing cycle at some extend. All their products are mainly oriented to Bangladeshi people’s preference. During Ekushey February (International Mother language Day) their store is flooded with black and white clothes which is oriented for the martyrs who scarified for the language Bangla. On special events like Bangla new year the store is filled with colourful clothes which is related to the occasion. They also hold traditional sarees, traditional wedding dresses etc. They have been so big now; some stores are being opened overseas. They are considered as one of the big pioneers for clothing store that is only oriented to cultural clothes in Bangladesh from my view.

On the other hand, though the clothing store talks about being all humble towards the poor artists but the prices don’t match to their claim. The products are at some aspect overly priced and not affordable to the person with low income. From my personal experience the product isn’t that much enriched with design and quality with the price they ask in their price tags. There is where capitalism takes place. I am very much aware that the workers get their worth for the products that is being consumed with so hyped prices which is being sold in our society in the name of products for the culture. Their products are much oriented to the people who are above working class in which they make difference from the other boutique stores.

By the price they are creating a standard that culture comes with a price tag. The people who can afford such products are in culture the person who can’t are just like every other person in our society. The view which I saw for many years. In some situations, I like their design because its being trendy but sometimes it’s the same thing with some change and overly priced. This is some places where capitalism influences take places. The minimum wage people are completely removed with such high price tag that is given by such stores. On a recent act it has been seen one of their products is priced differently with a change in date. This has shown how things are going inside with such brands and even after that people are still consuming such overpriced product from such stores just to identify their position in the society of such mass culture. Being going through all this still the company is selling products related to traditional clothes for people is just fooling the buyers.

Our society has changed a lot. There where days where people where valued for their work and contribution to society. But now this has changed a lot. People are focused what or which brand the other person is wearing. If the clothes they are wearing is enough valued to the person next to them. This mass culture effect is changing people’s viewpoint day by day.

The capitalism is a totally differntnt from that. At some point new companies in the market are coming which influences more betterment for the economy but on the some point it is differentiating between people. It is making people realize that everything can’t be consumed by everyone. Where big investors are playing with consumers by taking much portion of their incomes for certain products. The producers don’t have to charge so much when it takes less money for them to produce it. Mix of socialist structure is also necessary for a country to serve certain product that can be consumed by all for a better life. In the perspective of my view or influencing my life with these two thoughts both merges at some point. This is because the existence of mass culture is for the capitalism. Both at some point plays their role in todays society either in good or bad way.


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