Language as a Part of Communication System

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Language is one of several ways of communicating. The language consists of a complex and dynamic system of symbols, which we use to elicit our thoughts. Through language we gain knowledge, we solve problems, we feel a social and cultural community, we get and give information, we can convey thoughts and feelings. we humans can communicate directly with movements of the speech organs, arms, head, facial muscles, hands, upper body and legs. If the speech organs are used, we speak spoken language.

Language is part of different systems of communication, which we humans use. Communication is a social process that involves sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences with others. When it comes to language and communication, it is important to have a holistic perspective based on the individual’s needs and conditions.

Communication is based on reciprocity and community with the surroundings.

In all communication, language has a central role. Language gives us opportunities to exchange thoughts, knowledge and experiences. Without language and the ability to express ourselves, we cannot reach anywhere in the world and it cannot reach us. Modern technologies give us new opportunities to transfer and store the spoken language. Despite this, the written word has.

The future society will also be held together by means of the written word. The requirement to be able to write clear, short messages will increase significantly, as we will probably exchange significantly more messages from all over the world. Most of the messages have previously been in physical form, ie letters and paper, but in recent years the proportion of electronically based services has increased substantially.

Language is part of our everyday lives. No matter what you do, you have to write lots of messages of different kinds. There may be complaints about any product you purchased, appeal to the authority or booking a holiday trip. Therefore, it is important to be able to write straight and simple.


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