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Lack of Engineering Innovation in Philippines

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Lack of Engineering Innovation in Philippines essay
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Technology is the application that all of the knowledge of each person had possessed had gone through, understanding each and every principle that would be connected to that specific field. This comes in different forms and specializations, from the medical fields, to military fields, up Engineering, which had come from the simplest applications of technology, to some of the most advanced inventions that we might have seen today.

Engineering had began with only two branches, civil engineering, and military engineering. Focusing mostly on the military side and military fortifications. As time passed and progressed, on the nineteenth century, new methods had emerged especially with regards to transportation, construction, and manufacturing. As these times had come, engineering had grown into the more special disciplines that we all know today, more specifically, civil, mechanical, and electrical. As the twentieth century came, engineering had come and improved upon everything that had been done before, making everything more comfortable, as well as helping in saving time and money for everyone. Yet one of the biggest things that engineering had improved upon is the factor of communication, creating ways of connecting everyone through the telephone, radio, and television. As of now, in the twenty-first century, people still continue to learn from the past, and continue to improve upon each and every thing that they might find that might need any possible focus on, not only in making things better for the ease of the life of each of the user, but as of now, making sure that the environment is safe, and would also benefit in the processes, making sure to minimize the factors that might lead to pollution and the likes.

The Philippines had started to adopt engineering early on, from multiple organizations, even as early as the 1920s, each focusing on each of the different disciplines, namely civil, electrical, industrial, and mechanical. This had been enhanced through the establishment of the National Engineering Center, of NEC, in 1978, which became the research arm the College of Engineering of the University of the Philippines. These advancement in the country had then let some of biggest inventions be what they are today, invented by none other by Filipino engineers, such as the Filipino-made train, which had run using renewable energy, such as solar panels, wind mills, and even pedals, Santos (2016). Another notable thing by a Filipino Engineer, one of the biggest fast food chains in the country, Jollibee, as stated by an article from Feature News (2017).

Engineering has come a long way, yet the Philippines has not really given focus on some, if not even a majority of some of these branches of engineering. Some of these branches being those which are actually some of the most needed and in-demand fields in other countries. More specifically in the field of electronics, and information and communications technology. As an article from business world from 2018 had stated, the Philippines was rated to be below average in a regional innovation ranking, ranking seventy-third in the 2018 Global Innovation Index. Especially with the factor that the Philippines is surrounded by countries which are rated to be in some of the highest positions, not only in the region, but in the world, it is a very surprising result to have.

Second, from an article by Santos (2018), there are multiple struggles of being an engineer in the Philippines, one of the biggest problems being job hunting. As stated earlier, yes, the Philippines has given focus on some of the disciplines of engineering, but still this is not really reflected upon how people who actually practice the professions perceive it to be, seeing that even with the numerous factories, engineering firms, and even power plants in the country, these still wont be able to suffice for the amount of engineers that the country has produced. This would show on how Filipinos address jobs to be, this is not only speaking for the engineering profession, but also for almost all professions in general. We commonly hear the words “Malaki sweldo niyan sa ibang bansa”, seeing that each of these professions are great, not doubt about that, but just because of how the Philippines treats these professions, even some of the citizens of this very country are discouraged of finding jobs within the country, seeing greater opportunities abroad.

Lastly, with becoming late towards the some of the aspects of engineering, these long term effect had come with dealing its toll towards the environment in the Philippines. The biggest problem here being pollution. This goes to show that technological advancement should be given focus to, seeing causes of pollution being the improper use of appliances and machinery, and even the use of some obsolete devices. From Ranada (2013), even with the acknowledgement of of the government of renewable energy, they had still approved of even more fossil fuel power plants, becoming an even bigger cause of pollution in the country. This kind of ignorance should not be left untouched and uncorrected. The rise in pollution of one country would greatly spread long term globally.

To conclude, engineering is one of the biggest factors of innovation that we have today, not only for the better and improvement of each of the lifestyles of the people around us, but now, even to benefit the environment, and help out in letting the environment heal from all of the pollution that had come. The Philippines is not really a country who is really up to date with regards to these innovations in technology and engineering. This is why some of the biggest problems had rose from the ignorance of the country, especially with regards to pollution, employment of the citizens, and even becoming one of the slowest countries with regards to technological advancement. These are only some of the many reasons why the Philippine government should give focus to, and support the field of engineering.

Lack of Engineering Innovation in Philippines essay

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