Kindness is Simply

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I, a young man, lived not long enough to know what the truth, good people or bad people. But with what I come across, there is less and less kindness. So, what is kindness? It can be defined as the quality of being generous, helpful, and caring about other people. But what does it really mean?

In fact, kindness is simply a small act, a comforting sentence or encouragement. Do not assume that it is something big or hard to give away. Sometimes, even a small act makes others feel warm. Kindness is not expressed through money, it is sincere sharing. Kindness is when you see an old woman trying to cross the street but not knowing how to walk in this crowded city and you come, take her hand, and walk her across the street. Moreover, giving some change to the beggars on the street is also an act of kindness as a small amount of change could help those in need in a myriad of ways. To put simply, a small act could lead to a brighter outcome for those who received it.

Kindness can ultimately be defined as being generous, caring, and humble. As the saying goes, “You act out of the kindness of your heart.” People who exhibit this trait always bring good things to everyone. They contribute to making society better by helping others or remaining in the positive light of society. One kind action can lead to another.

For instance, a simple act such as watering the tree would allow for the tree to grow, produce fruits and seeds, and then the seed would travel along the breeze to start a new life elsewhere. No kind action will stop with itself. For example, I recently read a short story about a blind woman taking a taxi to a building. The taxi meter displayed the amount of 10 dollars when she arrived and then the taxi driver said, ‘I don’t receive your taxi fare, because compared to you, making my money would be easier.’

At the same time, a man who looks like a CEO comes out and he gets into the taxi. The CEO and the taxi driver were having a good time talking with each other during the rid, but when the CEO arrived at his destination, the meter also displayed the amount of 10 dollars. The CEO then took out the 20 dollars and told the taxi driver, ‘It includes the woman’s money just now. I’m not a great one, but it’s probably easier to make my money than you, hoping you can continue to work well!”

In short, kindness can be expressed by different people in different ways, as it still carries the desire to do good things not because it is demanded, but because one feels so. It takes place unconsciously and can occur, simply on the call of the heart. Our modern mind sometimes blocks such expressions of feelings which leads to many people to become cruel and believe that other people’s problems do not concern them. However, an act of kindness does not have to take place during a special moment, it can simply be on a daily occurrence such as helping a stranger if you see that they are in need of some help.

I always believe that kindness is not necessarily an action that calls for a reward; however one’s actions always causes a domino effect where one thing leads to another; but a smile on someone else’s face could be a priceless reward and a blissful result. Therefore, be generous to others although it is not a big deal, you will also feel very happy! Helping someone when they are in need will bring positivity to both parties. When someone is having a hard time, that’s when people appreciate sentiment more than ever. If you can’t do something big, do small things to warm your heart and make others feel happier, happier and more confident in this life.

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