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John Locke’s Ideal of a Government

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John Locke’s Ideal of a Government essay
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In the “Second Treatise of Government” John Locke talks about what rights people have and how a government fits into a situation of agreement. He also talks about how a government helps people and gives them the equity and protection of property; however, they also have freedom in which they decide what they do and how they do it. Although there may be many ups and downs to a government of democracy, it has also been said that people are given the right to live for themselves which means that they also have to follow the laws that have been said and because I already live in a government of democracy I would choose to live in Locke’s ideal of a government.
When it comes to the “State of Nature” people are obligated to follow the law that was governed and because everyone is equal and their own person, they are not allowed to take away someone else’s elses rights unless that person is an offender. As said in the first paragraph of “Second Treatise of Government”, “We must consider, what condition all men are naturally in …without asking permission or depending upon the will of any other men.” This is something a monarchy government would do, which is Hobbe’s ideal of government. There are people who would rather choose for someone then let them choose for themselves. In a democracy government

A social contract is one of the many things that make a community reliable and protected. A reason why someone would rather live in society than staying free is because many people don’t value equity and justice. For them “free, is full of fears and continual dangers” it’s being cautious about what you do and how people see it. This is the kind of situation you would be in if someone were to live in a monarchy government, however because they are now living in a democracy government they live in a society where things can go both ways in which they are now able to see things in different perspectives. One of the other main reasons someone would choose Locke’s ideal of government is because of the protection of their property.

John Locke’s Ideal of a Government essay

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