Issues of Public Transportation in Korea

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The Public Transportation has been of immense help in maintaining the efficient service within the urban’s transportation network for decades. This special problem on ‘‘Current Issues of Public Transportation’’ is a series of advocated issues at the International Seminar on Public Transportation held on February 20, 2006, at the University of Seoul, Korea, along with other important documents. They stressed on, situation should be taken cared of before it becomes a problem. They showed that whilst avenue funding had little effect on reducing congestion, the number of vehicles reduced in transit-invested areas due to the modal shift to transportation. However, the worries and problems of the public transportation gadget have been modified as a society and technologies did.

The Seoul Metropolitan Area (SMA) has changed the paradigm of transportation coverage from private vehicles to public-mass transit. They emphasized the important role that taxis played in reducing the parking cost particularly in urban cores and providing the transportation services in disadvantaged populace specifically in outlying areas poorly served by public transport. The seminar brought collectively experts in demand modeling of transit systems worldwide as nicely as pupils in public transportation-related accident analysis and bus data system.

For various decades, public transportation has performed an essential function in the context of sustainability and effectivity of the metropolitan’s transportation system. Taxi provider can be seen as a higher degree of public transit, by using offering personal, on demand, point-to-point transportation to persons whose value of time, and remedy requirements are considerably higher than those of bus and trains users. The chosen papers cover a huge spectrum of emerging problems of public transportation from three Asian international locations and Canada.

In order to acquire this purpose, access mode choice behaviors had been modeled the usage of the Probability Distribution Function (PDF) model, the Multinomial Logit (MNL) model, and the Nested Logit (NL) model. 105] investigated systematic mistakes of the bus arrival facts and developed a statistical approach for correcting these blunders in order to enhance the accuracy of the BIS information. Using the ordered probit mannequin on bus crash records from 1998 to 2005 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, they confirmed that there is an ordinary expand in the severity of transit bus crashes over this period on one side and on the other side, the severity of a crash tends to be lower at areas with some shape of police manipulate or road medians, as properly as for crashes involving hit object, parked vehicles, or sideswipes.

Many big cities in Korea are already working in preparation of installing the BIS ( Bus information service) which they believe would comfort and encourage the transportation workers for the quality service and some cities have already implemented the BIS. The NL model was determined to be the most appropriate and effective one to provide a quality service working in accordance with passengers’ preferences. This is generally being performed through imparting bus arrival times at bus stops.

After analyzing the results, they were convinced, in being able to reduce the error down to 23 percent after making use of the modern error correction method to the BIS. Ever since they have been utilizing this sophisticated method to the BIS of a city in Korea in order to exercise efficient transportation service. Their study also showed them that travel time and waiting time have a direct impact on cost of the bus experience, brought most sizable effect on the enhancement of getting admission to modes.


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