Issues of Male Rape

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Non-awareness of male rape is a Feminist issue. This research paper explores voluntary agencies responses to male victims and the attitudes toward male survivors of rape more specifically feminism, it will show knowledge by examining how these survivors experience help and how the “help” helps them if it is even there, and by examining feminist theory and what research has been made to understand sexual crimes against males. This paper argues that feminist theory and research neglects male rape victims and the thought of it and this neglect can also be seen in organizations both non-profit and private for survivors. the neglect of male rape and the gendered roles of men and women are reinforced instead of being taken head-on.

I hope this research opens up a discussion on male rape in academic settings, in feminist theory and research, and in research surrounding voluntary, non-profit, and private agencies, In hopes to raise awareness of such a “hidden” phenomenon. policies and practice awareness is key to form a better understanding not only of male rape but also of the responses and attitudes toward it by voluntary provisions. wider society attention needs to be made.

Rape law tends to set boundaries to which it is okay for men to have sex, it is about men’s, not women’s sexuality, therefore, men are the ones who act, women are acted upon, men use force, women succumb, men are the subjects and women are objects, this tends to be the case almost all the time. Frequently observed however is that men are culturally feminized by the act of rape and that many feminists who work in these non-profit and private agencies claim that male rape is just another aspect of men’s violence against women and that it is the man’s fault.

A researcher from the UK found that one of the male rape victims she had talked to out of 6 had suicidal feelings and he went to seek out help from a rape crisis center, he said “I was suicidal that day and … they(rape crisis center) told me the service is for women only, they were non-sympathetic, and very blunt while telling me this” so when the rape crisis center denied him help, it invalidated his feeling of suicide and also his identity as a rape victim simply because he was a man.”


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