Issue of Gender Discrimination

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Gender discrimination refers to the unequal treatment of one gender member to another. In particular, men’s unequal treatment of women. Gender inequality results in gender discrimination. However, it can also be used to refer to any differential treatment caused by gender. Sexism is a kind of ideology to maintain the inequality between men and women. It mainly advocates the rationality that men are superior to women by emphasizing and exaggerating the natural and physiological differences between men and women.

This kind of opinion about the prejudice and oppression of one-half of human beings to the other half has been approved by most men and even many women, which shows that gender discrimination has a profound impact. Nowadays, sexism is mainly reflected in discrimination against women. All social phenomena are bound to have reasons.

What are the reasons for the existence of gender discrimination? In ancient China, because of the influence of the feudal thought of men’s superiority over women, discrimination against women was very serious. This thought also affected China since then. Although China has been liberated for more than 60 years, and the publicity of equality between men and women has also made some achievements, but the deep-rooted thoughts and ideas still have not been completely eradicated, especially in some poverty-stricken areas In the closed areas, there is still a saying that only boys can inherit their families. This is a typical discrimination in China. In addition, in China, gender discrimination is more obvious in the process of job-hunting and promotion. Women will encounter much more resistance than men in the process of job-hunting.

Although companies will not make positive demands on gender, it has become a ‘hidden rule’ for many enterprises to recruit. This is mainly because the market economy pursues the maximization of interests, so when employing people Then we have to consider the issue of labor cost. Due to the limitations of women’s physiological characteristics, there are also many problems caused by vacation, which will inevitably increase the cost of employment in enterprises; in addition, women can’t travel alone, and night shift also needs to consider safety issues, which will also be a ‘trouble’ for enterprises, so it also becomes discrimination on women’s employment.

However, as the main body of the market economy, the pursuit of maximum interests is the need for enterprise development, the need to enhance competitiveness and maintain sustainable development, and the law of the market economy. Now we are all making great efforts to call for equality between men and women. However, this kind of equality is hard to achieve objectively. Because there are great differences between men and women in physiology and psychology, it is impossible to achieve equality in all aspects, and absolute equality does not mean that the greatest harmony can be achieved. In terms of marriage life, absolute equality can only make endless quarrels continue to go down.

Since there can be no absolute equality, but discrimination can be eliminated. Some objective factors can be removed. Subjectively, we can respect men and women equally. We should eradicate the idea of men’s inferiority to women or women’s inferiority to men. Both men and women have strengths, weaknesses and social responsibilities. When we pursue social development, we should However, both men and women have made undeniable contributions, and there is no saying that any gender is better. A reasonable division of labor and correct public opinion guidance will be the most effective way to solve discrimination.

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