Negative Impact of Sexism and Gender Discrimination

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Sexism refers to the differential treatment of one gender to another. Especially reflected in men’s unequal treatment of women. This kind of view about the prejudice and oppression of the other half has been accepted by most men and even many women, which shows that sexism has a profound impact. Nowadays, gender discrimination is mainly reflected in discrimination against women.

Everything has a reason for its existence. So what are the reasons for sexism. In China, the idea that men are superior to women has influenced China for thousands of years, and discrimination against women is very serious For example, in Song Dynasty, the three cardinal principles and five cardinal principles mentioned that husband is the principle of wife, which means that a wife must obey her husband unconditionally. In addition, the reason why women were required to bind their feet in Qing Dynasty was that the women who bound their feet met the aesthetic requirements of men at that time.

Although China has been emancipated for 70 years, its ideology has gradually opened up, and the propaganda of equality between men and women has made some achievements, the traditional and deep-rooted ideology of men’s superiority over women’s inferiority has not been completely eliminated, especially in some poverty-stricken and closed areas, there is still a saying that only boys can carry on the family. This is a typical sexism in China. In addition, in China, women are more discriminated against by gender in the process of job hunting and promotion. In the process of job-hunting, although the company will not put forward explicit requirements on gender, it has become a “hidden rule” for many enterprises to recruit. Because of women’s physiological reasons, it will inevitably increase the employment cost of enterprises. Therefore, it becomes discrimination against women’s employment. However, the pursuit of maximum benefit is the need of enterprise development, which results in women’s lack of competitiveness compared with men in the process of job-hunting. Now, we are all strongly calling for the realization of gender equality. However, this kind of equality is hard to achieve. Due to the great differences between men and women in physiology and psychology, it is impossible to achieve equality in all aspects. And absolute equality does not mean that harmony can be maximized In marriage, absolute equality can only make couples quarrel and haggle over each other, which is not conducive to the development of gender relations.

Although it is unrealistic to achieve absolute equality, we can reduce the negative impact of gender discrimination as much as possible. We can respect men and women fairly. We should eradicate the idea that men are worse than women or that women are worse than men I think men and women have their own advantages, disadvantages and social mission. When we pursue social development, rational division of labor and correct ideological guidance between the two sexes will be the most effective way to solve discrimination.


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