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Is the American Dream Still Achievable

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Is the American Dream Still Achievable essay
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Is the American Dream still possible? The American dream to some families might mean pursuing a happy life with a stable job, a family, and wealth or success in life. Well, a wise man named Tommy Hilfiger once said “the road to success is not easy to navigate, but with hard work, drive and passion, it’s possible to achieve the American dream.” This statement clarifies that through self-discipline and enthusiasm, anybody can become successful. But in the world, we live in now accomplishing that fantasy can be more difficult than before. The American dream isn’t as open as it to be because the necessities to get a steady vocation are higher in the battle to maintain it up is increasingly problematic.

The American dream isn’t as open because the conditions to get a vocation can genuinely be a battle. As of right now, stable careers expect you to have valid training. Regardless of that, an instruction can have a cost value that individuals can fulfill. Over that work isn’t anything but difficult to discover any longer. These various necessities to finding a new line of work are the thing that makes the American dream uncommon to achieve. The American dream is as yet available today because there are various changes and approaches to get your vocation moving.

What makes Americans need to live in America is the extent of Freedom you are given. Our opportunities offer us the chance to achieve alone terms and to remain free and independent. Then again, the American dream is as yet not open as it was before because achieving and attempting to keep work is the most problematic.
For example, since everyone might not have the equivalent ability there is a more significant challenge.

In the article “Is a fantasy American Dream still conceivable” composed by David Wallechinsky it is said Americans are battling crush by Rising costs, declining payment, Mastercard obligation and reducing benefits, with minimal leftover to put something aside for retirement. This statement clarifies that with every one of the responsibilities you’ll need to pay while working, you won’t have any cash left for retirement. That trouble to keep a vocation and remain shortly stable can be high. All in all, the American dream not as open because the necessities for a vocation and the various obstacles are high; notwithstanding, it can, in any case, be accomplished because there are various chances to end up effective.

So in conclusion, I think the American dream may be possible on certain occasions but overall it is difficult to do so. It is difficult by having to maintain a stable job, have a happy life and deal with all the bills. It is also difficult to get a job because most well-paying jobs require you to have a really good education which a lot of people can not afford.

Is the American Dream Still Achievable essay

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Does the American dream still exist nowadays?
The concept of the American dream is still one of the most uniquely "American" ideals —the ultimate idea that any individual should be able to pursue their dreams and build the life they want if they put in the hard work.
Is the American dream harder to achieve today?
Indeed, nearly eight in ten of survey respondents agree that the cost of living today makes it harder to see how one can achieve the American Dream . Likewise, “being able to retire comfortably” is the least achievable aspiration in the eyes of Americans overall, with fewer than half (42%) believing it possible.
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