Integrity in Management and Students

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There are several ethical leadership traits, integrity is one core competence an individual should poses in order for successful business and individual character.

For multinational organization it is essential for the superiors to have moral principles as leaders can influence followers with their ethical conduct (Karim and Nadeem, 589). The rapid changes in today’s organizational environment such as competition, structural changes and technology has led to lack of integrity. A virtuous manager will have a positive impact on employees, customers, suppliers and their superiors when they are consistent, honest, trusted and moral in nature.

However, an immoral manager would lack commitments, ownership and accountability. Managers connect with different levels of employees in an organizational hierarchy. Associates highly depend on their superiors at work for projects, feedback, resources, promotions, rewards etc. and they develop trust and connection. For example: when a manger promises promotion to an individual over a period of time and does not fulfil the promise, this will lead to employee demotivation, loss of trust and also associates finding another alternative job. However, a reliable manager would ensure that the promise made is fulfilled, leading to better performance and also manager sets a standard against all the other employees which overall helps in the business development.

A leader’s words, actions, decisions and the way of conducting business creates the true organizational values and its culture. People want to work in an organization that has good work culture and ethics, investors are willing to invest in a business when the leaders of the organization can be trusted, honor and their deeds match their words, customers are willing to buy/sell products from firms that is honest, no manipulation and does what is right and always keep up to the words promised.

By possessing the key characteristics can improve employee performance (Karim and Nadeem, 589) and retention. Lack of these characteristics can hamper the brand image, lead to bad decision making and internally damage the business structure. “The importance of ethical leadership in organization has been increasingly recognized, especially as a shield against unethical employee behaviors and corporate misconducts” (Zhu, et al. 547).

Educational institutions are not only providing educational knowledge but also exposing students to real world scenarios. The major issues with student in colleges are cheating, manipulating data, plagiarism, lack of honesty among others. Students performing malpractices shows lack of knowledge in the subject, creditability, fundamental values and character. Students are the leaders of the world tomorrow; hence colleges are taking initiatives to increase student integrity with their policy and practice creating ethical habits.

Consequences of malpractice is taken severely leading to termination from the intuition and degree gained being invalid and employers’ not recruiting them. This ensures the right action is always to be taken by the student in order to gain a good reputation and have moral values. This ensures that correcting the small issues now we are eliminating the bigger issues in the future. “In nurturing the leaders of the future, higher education provides a fertile ground for promoting ethical and moral values that are eventually transferable to the workplace” (Wong et al. 2).

In order to achieve a successful work environment, smooth operations, positive employee attitude, increased production, employee sustainability and be a better individual it is a requirement for managers of an organization and students to demonstrate professionalism, creditability, morals and values, integrity among one another and do only the right thing at all scenarios to succeed in the future.


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