Influences of Gender Roles

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Society defines gender as features that helps recognize the difference between male and female through one’s gender. Also society describes role as a set of societal normality that is expected from a female or a male. For instincts, society has a lot of different expectations and duties that a female and a male should accomplish or how they should act. One of the most talked about topic in today’s history is beauty and how society expects women to be. Gender roles are mostly influenced by media, society, and parents.

The picture of women in teens media or younger has a major part to do with stereotypes. Society often clarifies femininity through princesses or other popular females that everyone thinks has a form of beauty. Those forms of beauty caused society to expect every woman to have that form of beauty. Young girls who tend to be surrounded with princesses growing up want to be just like these princesses and start feeling uncomfortable with themselves. In the article Effect of gender roles in the media on young women states, “This makes girls believe they need to exemplify that form of beauty to be considered attractive and desirable in society” (Blaunstein). The underlying concepts of acceptable and unwanted behavioral culture usually expect girls to disrupt their growth out of fear or fear that they will not fulfill standards of beauty or anything they are expected to do by society.

In Marge Piercy’s poem ‘Barbie Doll’ explain the ideals of feminine beauty that women are expected to behave or look a certain way. Society at large determines a woman’s self-worth by judging them on how they look and act. Judging leads women to get out of their comfort zone by changing their looks just to fit in society. The woman in ‘Barbie Doll’ was judged by how she looked. Piercy stated, “you have a great big nose and fat legs.” which made the girl feel like she didn’t fit in and made her feel self-conscious. It led her to cutting off her nose and legs because she wanted to please society since they were judging her. Society makes women self-conscious and they start fearing because they don’t want to get judged and hope they are pleasing society.

Gender expectations can contribute to unequal and unfair treatment due to the gender of a person. For example, it is usually intended that women will dress in traditionally feminine ways and be gentle, welcoming, and caring by society. Society usually tend to say that jobs as teachers, nurses, receptionists and etc. are for women and not for men. Planned parenthood explained, “some people are quick to assume that teachers and nurses are women, and that pilots, doctors, and engineers are men.” As soon as they see a women working as something else they are quick to judge and that is why women start to fear.

Gender role is also influenced by parents. As kids pass through childhood and into adolescence, they are subject to many factors affecting their gender role attitudes and behaviors. These actions and behaviors are normally first taught at home and then strengthened by classmates, school experience, and TV watching of the child. As quickly as a baby is recognized as a boy or girl, parents create expectations about the interests, abilities and behaviors of the kid, and these expectations appear in parenting practices of gender. The editor of Child and Family Blog asserted, “From the decision to paint a baby’s room pink or blue onward, many parents take their young children’s sex as a guiding principle for minor and major socialization decisions regardless of their children’s individual characteristics and behaviors.” Children receives messages from their parents on how boys and girls should act and should not by the parents buying girls stuff for girls and boy stuff for boys. That is why when society sees a girl playing with a boy toy they will say something about the girl right away. Gender-based parental characteristics to their kids have a powerful effect on their growth and self-esteem.

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