Importance to Have Hobby and Its Types

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What is a hobby? Hobby is an activity one does during his/her free time for enjoyment purposes. There are several types of hobbies that can be divided according to how hobbyists involve in their activities, such as; investment hobbies, physical hobbies and creative hobbies.

Investment Hobby

Investment hobby could be defined as an activity someone does during his/her spare time expecting to achieve profit. In an investment hobby you can still relax at home in the couch watching television or scrolling your Instagram, but it’s about turning your leftover money into a much bigger profit. For instance, I have a cousin who spends a lot of time purchasing expensive luxurious items. She is usually being discriminated by her family that she wastes her money on clothing and products just to make herself look in vogue in busy New York streets. But what she also does is, that she sells these products, often limited edition designer products. Usually when these products are first launched, customers have about a minute, oftentimes only about a split second, until they’re unavailable and are out of stock. People love these products and they want them. It is ridiculous that so many people would want these products and the most insane part is that people do not mind paying double the original price or in many instances even five times the original cost of a product just to be in trend. People like my cousin oftentimes sells these products maybe right after they purchase them or even after months of using the products, if they’re still in demand they choose to sell them for higher price and achieve large profits, which can be an advantage. But the disadvantage could be that when you sell these products you should make sure they’re still in good quality and make sure you don’t need them anymore therefore you will not be left with regrets of wanting them back again.

Physical Hobby

Secondly, a physical hobby is an activity someone does during his/her spare time in a more physical manner in other words in a more bodily way. For example there are people who are involved in physical hobbies such as bike riding, playing basketball, fishing and bouldering. These type of hobbyists love exploring the surrounding and they enjoy how it feels like to use their body actively rather than just staying home. However not everyone enjoys being active outdoors. WHO (World Health Organization) stated that insufficient physical activity is one of the leading risk factors for death worldwide. If people include physical activities in their lifestyle as a hobby or a habit, it would clearly be health beneficial. It also declared that globally, 1 in 4 adults is not active enough. In addition, more than 80% of the world’s adolescent population is insufficiently physically active. Physical hobbies can be vital for energy balance and weight control of people at all ages. Most fruitful part of physical hobby is that it not only relieves stress but also keeps you healthy.

Creative Hobby

Lastly, there are the creative hobbyists, what do they do? They are the ones who paint, sculpt, blog and more. It’s an ideal method of self-exploration. It’s a hobby that frees to let yourself do and explore what you always admired yourself by staying indoors unlike the physical hobbyists. Having a creative hobby, depending on who you are, can oftentimes be the hardest of the three types discussed above. Having creative hobbies make you think critically and help in problem-solving and thinking through tough scenarios, such hobbies are playing jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, brain teasers, card games and not to forget chess. For example, my grandma, she’s a creative hobbyist. All her life she’s been involving the use of the imagination and original ideas to create things. She was skillful in knitting, writing poems, novels and crafting. Creative hobbyists have special talent in being creative as the word itself says.


Having hobbies can be a major stress reliever as it keeps you occupied and you’ll not or have less time to worry about anything but think about your own business and make sure the grass in your side is greener. A type of hobby people choose depends on reasons that boost them to follow a specific hobby. There are people who want to relax at home and earn some dollars through an investment, some follow habits that are outdoor activities and be active which in turn helps with their healthiness. Others like to just stay indoors. A lot of the time, people have noticed where they spent their free time was often a waste. Sure they love catching up on their favorite shows and it’s something to do, but what else could they be doing with their free time is something to consider.

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