Importance of Women’s Suffrage Campaign

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Before 1920 us women didn’t have the right to vote. This questions will be answered later on in the text. Why were women treated differently than men? .Why shouldn’t women be able to vote? Did Woodrow Wilson support women suffrage? In the 19th amendment, us women got the right to vote which is called women suffrage.”The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex”.This is about the pros and cons of the women suffrage.

Women suffrage is about women gaining the right to vote. Women won the right to vote in the 19th amendment. Us women had a lot of struggles. We struggled through violence. In the 15th amendment is when they ensured the African American men the rights to vote but, still, women couldn’t vote. The brutal treatment that women suffrage got helped strengthen the public support of the movement.1920 is a banner year for what it was capable for women to get the right to vote. The women got treated poorly. After the 19th amendment was passed, women are equally treated just like the men, well somewhat.

A pro was that the suffragist movement of the feminist movement in the US expanded the vote. During this time the suffragist was a very radical group. The suffragist drew media attention also when they are addressing the irony that is going on with the US fighting for democracy in Europe But it is not at home. President Woodrow Wilson was a Virginian who does not support Women’s suffrage.

The main pro of Women suffrage movement was women to gained the right to vote. The argument was that women earned the voting rights, they wanted to be created equal just like the men. The new movement in the 1890s women deserves the right to vote because they were different. Women suffrage could bring one step ahead and moral laws. In the South argued allowing the women the right to vote especially white women.

“The arguments of the anti-suffrage activists seem antiquated from a modern point of view.”Another con was women were physically infirm and could not handle all of the stress of voting. The women suffered from leading men into temptation, and if they vote in a manner, it could lead countries to war. Women’s votes would be easily affected by husbands. Women could hide extra ballots in their sleeves and skirts, and they could put stuff in the ballot box. Since women can’t fight in wars, women can’t make reasonable decisions about the war.

Allowing us women to get the right to vote could lead up to the women getting power which would lead to them making the decisions about the war. The most important argument was that women are not capable of making logical choices and also our emotions would lead us to make a poorly vote. The biggest con is about women’s suffrage movement itself as opposed to the results of the campaign. Another disadvantage was the movement that it was not more all round along racial or class line. The women suffrage was in the mid-19th century the passage of 19th Amendment the most important/visible members were middle-class white women.

In conclusion, we women were not treated equally. We weren’t treated equally because we didn’t have the right to vote. For over a decade, women fought for equality. It wasn’t until the 19th amendment when Congress passed for us to have the right to vote. After the 19th amendment women were treated equally just like the men.


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