Importance Of Nutritional Composition Analytical Essay

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Nutritional composition can be defined as the process of obtaining the food necessary for health and growth (Bognar, A, Piekarski, J. 2014.). Nutrition is considered to be the most important aspect in once living force of our body in our daily life. It plays a vital role in our life and thus it has to be maintained and kept at standard rate. The rural villagers in Namibia are recognised and noted to have an alarming rates of diabetes rates commonly observed due to lack of knowledge based on nutritional composition and other cases such as stroke, obesity and some other related conditions that are resulting from poor nutritional composition of dishes taken by this people on a daily basis.According to (Greenfield H, Southgate, D, 2015), a balanced nutritional composition helps in improving health and saving life of a person, but many people requiring a balanced nutrition do not have timely access to safe food containing all nutrients.

Every day, every time there is always people that are in need of balanced diet and thus nutritional composition has to be given in a well-balanced state. (Kiawi E, Edwards R, Shu J and Mbanya T 2016), reported that many people in developing countries are faced with ignorance, misperceptions about the nutritional composition of dishes to be taken, which results in a limited number of nutrients to be taken or absorbed by the body. People’s decisions on whether to consume the right amount of food or not is influenced by factors such as lack of knowledge, fear, facilities, poverty, convenience and the amount of food available in the community.

Some diet-related chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and hypertension are highly prevalent in rural areas of Namibia depending on the type of food substances consumed (Ministry of Health and Social Services).It is indeed pivotal to analyse and quantify the food in order to determine the amount of nutrients present in a specific food substance which people consumes on a daily basis. The nutritional composition is a good indicator of physiology which is needed for routine analysis of the food substance.

The nutritional analysis of Oreochromis niloticus fish species under study, is one of the mostly consumed food substance by residents surrounding Zambezi river in Zambezi region, Namibia. The fish species under study has many significant roles to residents of Zambezi region such as provision of nutrition, employment, income generation and foreign exchange to residents in Zambezi region and other parts of the country where its being farmed. The aim of this study is to determine the nutritional composition of dried Oreochromis niloticus of which by 95% of residents in Zambezi region take as it is mostly widely available in their community.


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What are the uses of food composition?
Food composition data is used to provide information on the nutritional value of foods, to develop dietary guidelines and recommendations, to assess food safety and quality, and to support research on diet and health. It is also used by food manufacturers to formulate products and by consumers to make informed food choices.
What is a nutrient composition?
A nutrient composition is the amount of each nutrient that is present in a given food. The nutrient composition of a food can vary depending on the variety of the food, where it was grown, and how it was processed.
why nutrition is important?
Nutrition is important for maintaining a healthy body weight, and for providing the nutrients needed for the body to function properly.
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